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Thread: Favorite LH Rifes

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    My father has been using a Savage 110 LH 30-06 for his main deer rifle since the early 1970s when he inherited it from his father. I think it was originally purchased in the mid 60s.
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    I only own 2 LH guns - a Savage bolt and a .54 flinter I built myself from various parts. HOGbuster also asked what rifles we have that aren't LH but we feel "cater" to lefties. That's why I like my Marlins. They are not true LH guns but with the hammer spur on the "proper" side and the lever at the bottom they sure beat a bolt gun with the bolt on the WRONG side.
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    I'm up to 11 lefty bolt actions; probably my favorite is the CZ 527 in 204 Ruger. Amazingly light and easy to carry and will still put 3 shots at 1/2 inch @ 100 yards. For deer I like the 788 in 308. I have the 6mm as well and would prefer it if I could get the stinking thing to group...

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    I have a Browning T-Bolt T2. It has the salt stock so the rifle looks like a Michigan car. I would not mind a new one in 17HMR. I love my S&W revolvers but the cylinder latch is on the wrong side. I am happy with my Ruger LCP but the only fire control on it is the trigger and the mag release is wrong. I have a Remington 870 Special Field that has a Left handed safety that I really like. My Marlins are great though.
    All of my muzzle loaders are left handed. I have two more planed and I am getting parts together. On my double barrel shotguns I find myself cocking the right barrel first most of the time. Also the triggers just seem to line up better for southpaws.
    Want list
    Savage in 22-250
    CZ in 17 Hornet
    BPS 12 gauge.
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    My lever guns are all left handed.... Thats why I shoot em.
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    I am a lefty but only own one left hand rifle. It is a Sig Sauer M 200 left hand bolt action switch barrel rifle. I have 2 barrels and 2 magazines for it, 308 Win and 9.3 X 62.
    Its nice because the scope stays on the reciever so you don't need a sepparate scope for each barrel.
    I really don't even like most bolt action rifles but this one works well and is really accurate.
    Sig Sauer only made these a short while and went to another model for there switch barrel gun.
    Both calibers I have use the same bolt also.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HOGbuster View Post

    What are your favorite left handed rifles or rifles that cater to a LH shooter? Ill go first- I love anything made by the Montana Rifle Company b/c they will build anything LH. I have a 350 Rem mag and a 375 H&H by them and love the CRF action and the model 70 style. For your money they are the best out there in my opinion.

    Secondly I really like the Rem 788's. One of the most accurate actions I have ever had and I put a bull barrel on my 308 and it will shoot a hair of a fly's ass.

    Third, I really like Ruger MKII M77's. Great actions and shooters too.

    I would like to find a Zastava LH...they look like fun.

    Feel Free to post pics. I will later.
    What caliber are you looking for? I know a guy who imports LH Zastava - I bought my 9.3x62 from him. Right now, I know he has LH 375 H&H in inventory, not sure about what else. I know last time he ordered, he got the 375H&H, 9.3x62, and 6.5x55 SE.

    I'm planning on ordering at least one more from him: a LH 7x57, and probably a LH 375H&H (to be used as a donor rifle for a 404 Jeffery conversion).

    PM me and I'll email you his info. Super nice guy, we've chatted on the phone several times.

    Here's my Zastava lefty (I treated the wood with Behlen Master Gel):


    I've since mounted a NECG aperture on it
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    I have a pair of left handed a-bolt medallions, a 270 and a 300 winmag. They are my favorite lefty bolt actions. They both will shoot one hole groups at 100 yds.
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    The most accurate rifles also available in left hand has to be Tikka. The Ruger American in left hand for the $$$ is very interesting and accurate for a budget rifle.

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    My son is a lefty.. His first gun was a youth model REM 700 SPS in 7mm-08. He took several deer with it his first couple years hunting... As he grew older he wanted a gun more like dads, a Marlin 1895XLR, which he has since taken some of his nicest bucks with... If you ask him what his favorite gun for a left handed shooter is.. He will be quick to tell you that it is his Marlin 1895XLR.

    Can never have too many;
    1895xlr, 1894cs, 1894css, 1894ltdss, 338mxlr, 336ss, 336gbl, 336cs, 39a, 36a
    And still looking for more...

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