Savage 110CL
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Thread: Savage 110CL

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    Savage 110CL

    My first real left handed rifle was a Savage 110CL, chambered for .270 Winchester... I bought it used from a gun store in Southern New Hampshire... it was in one of the old straight stock items with no cheek piece and a 22-inch Barrel... its barrel twist did not seem to approve of 130 grain bullets so I begin reloading hundred and forty grain bullets with the old whack-a-mole Lee loader. Eventually I switched to Federal Premium shells with 150 grain Nosler and it really liked those...
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    I have a Savage Model 14 LH in .243 WIN, and it is a very accurate rifle. I shoot it so much I worry I'll burn it out too soon.

    I'm just an average shooter but it makes me smile with what it is capable of.

    .270? I've never had that pleasure, yet. I have a friend who will let me have a go at his .270 - can't wait.

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    My first 30-06 was a Savage 110 Lefty, don't know which variation it was. But to me at the time, it was fancy with the cheek piece, and shot the lights out. My first real elk rifle, and it lived up to its name.
    Shoulda kept it.
    But you know those shoulda coulda woulda's. All "looking for the greener grass" regrets.
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    My first lefthanded rifle was also a savage 110cl in 3006.bought it in 1977 and still have it. Broke it out last year for deer season. I normaly use one of my browing left handed rifles.3
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