Point of Aim
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Thread: Point of Aim

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    Point of Aim

    I have a question for left handed shooters. Does the point of aim/impact shift if you shoot a rifle that belongs to a right handed shooter? I have two grandson's that are left handed and I want to make sure they have a fun time at the range without having to change my sights or scope from my zero. My son is ambidextrous and this is not an issue with him.
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    I'm no expert but I would think that once the rifle is zeroed it will strike where it is pointed no matter which shoulder absorbs the kick back - almost like shooting right handed and physically moving to left 18 inches -? I would think maybe that it would be the individual's personal point of aim and cheek weld that would change the strike of the round more than which shoulder is used.
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    Depends on which is their dominate eye.
    May not make a difference with a scope but it certainly will if they ever decide to use open sights.
    I'm a leftie who shoots righty due to a dominate right eye.
    Since getting my first BB gun as a kid I've never felt comfortable shooting left handed.

    That should be the determining factor as to which hand to shoot with.
    They'll probably gravitate towards their own preference and I wouldn't do anything to discourage the choice they make.
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    Front sight, rear sight and target make a straight line. Line does not know your hand preference. I am left handed and my guns shoot the same place for right handlers.
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    Many variables to this answer. I would say even if they were right handed they would shoot it differently, especially with iron sights. Scopes can take some of this away but everyone brings their own perspective to the game and how they look at things, no difference with shooting. Some of the variables, height, length of pull, cheek weld, trigger control, etc....... I zero my son's scoped rifle but he has to do final zeroing. It will be close but slightly different.

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    I have shot a lot of rifles sighted in for right handers and most hit where they are supposed to.
    Pistols not so good. Most shoot right for me.
    It is Christmas Grandpa, a rifle of their own would be great under the tree.
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    Yeppers I agree with the above. Obviously hopefully the left-handed shooter has a left dominant eye.. the only place for me shooting righthanded firearm becomes an issue is when I am trying to cycle the bolt of a bolt gun. I do ask to be put on the left side of the shooting Lanes at the range so as cartridges eject from the guy beside me they don't hit me in the face.

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