My son Dan, a friend of his from work and I went out to Michel Murfees and sons sporting clay range saturday. I took the old Remington auto-master, since it should be the least recoiling shotgun I have. made it walking the entire course, and all 50 shots. not a very good score, but what should I expect, not having shot anything with more recoil than a .22 mag since march? I only shot a 20 out of 50, and dan only a 19, but he was using his 1`2 guage muzzleloader. the wait while he reloaded helped get me some rest for the walk to the next station.
I have to shoot left handed because of the power port on the right side. dont want to bump that too hard. No damage from recoil noted after 50 12 gauge shots to the surgery site. so it might be ok to do more shooting.