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    Not sure if you're asking left handed auto loaders---something that would have all controls and eject to the left, port on the left side of the slide, etc.

    Or if you're looking for a left sided holster.

    Many auto loaders can are either set up as ambidextrous--with mag release and safety either on both sides, or switchable without a lot of trouble. Of course, a Glock, S&W, Sig, etc without a safety removes one of those issues.

    I don't know of any handguns designed with a left sided slide cut out, but there may be one or two.

    If you're talking about holsters, there is a wide range of kydex (plastic) holsters available on EB that can be ordered for R or L sided carry. Most of these are molded to order--probably very few are kept in stock--as it's easy and quick to do once one is set up for it. It's as easy to mold one left sided as it is to mold one right handed. Personally I use a IWB holster but clip it to my belt, between my belt and my jeans instead of inside the waistband. Works well that way and is reasonably comfortable. You can even hang one outside your belt--but you need a left handed IWB model to get the clip on the correct side. (This is good for range practice or classes where one will be shooting a lot. They're only 20-30 bucks and can be easily modified if necessary to get the trigger guard cover back far enough from the grip.)

    And if you need leather, almost any custom leather maker will make you a left handed one, as long as he has a dummy of the gun, one of his own, or can borrow yours for a few days to bone in the cavity. These will run about 80-150 depending on leather, lining, decoration, etc. I've been very happy with a place called LoboGunLeather. Got probably 6-8 of his holsters and magazine carriers. And I'm very happy with him. Not backed up forever like some makers--about a month turn around. Good guy to work with , too. http://lobogunleather.com/

    Very glad to hear that you're doing well after your ordeal, apart from the lymphedema.

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    I cc a S&W bodyguard in .380ACP left handed in a owb holster from concealment express. The 380 is so small that even owb it conceals very well under an untucked shirt. I have a ruger 380 lcp as well but I cannot get to the mag release left handed and the slide does not lock back on last shot. Also the sights are fixed/machined into the slide, no option to change them. I put truglo night sights on my bodyguard and love them. I can rack the slide with those sights single handed. With the bodyguard I can drop the mag using my left trigger finger the same way I have trained to do on my Glock 19, M&P shield, Colt 1911 and XDm. (even though the XDm has an ambi mag release I don't use it). For days on the ranch or lease I open carry my G19 in a safariland holster left handed. Even if I head into town to hit up the feed store or gas station. But here around home I conceal carry the bodyguard every day. It fits in a pocket really well too, although the LCP is better for sticking in a pocket, especially in athletic shorts. The LCP is really my wife's purse gun, so that's where it stays.

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    "I don't know of any handguns designed with a left sided slide cut out, but there may be one or two. "
    P38 ejects to the left.
    Randall made a true left hand 1911'
    Cabot makes left hand 1911s. O https://cabotguns.com/left-hand-1911s/r spend really big $$ for a mirrored set https://cabotguns.com/mirror-image-pistol-sets-2/ https://cabotguns.com/?s=mirror+image
    Cabot also makes left hand and ambi mags for 1911s
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    I have been running 1911s, Glocks and others as a Lefty for years. I operate mag releases and slide locks with my left trigger finger. IMVHO,
    I can maintain my grip and keep trigger finger out of the guard when releasing the slide or dropping mags.

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