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Thread: For the left handed and other advantages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawei View Post
    Right handed but left eye dominate here. I shoot a handgun right handed but with a rifle or shotgun it's ALWAYS left handed.
    Add me to that list. Which is why I fell in love with the 338. More punch than an '06 and lefty friendly. Plus my friends that shoot right handed can shoot it w/o any hassle too.

    The couple of comments here about semi auto ejection patterns is why I use a revolver.

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    I'm new here, but have 'been around' awhile. Shot NRA indoor competition in the early 60's and there was no chance of my getting a lefty bolt target gun at that time. Got pretty good at it too, but swore that if at all possible I was gonna own LH guns from then on. I've done pretty well at that, if I do say so myself. They are: CZ American .22lr, CZ fullstock (custom gun) .22lr, CZ .223, Stag AR .223, LH bolt in 6.5 x 55mm Swede (custom gun), Winchester model 70 stainless in ought-6, Tikka T3 ought-6, and a Tikka Whitetail Hunter in .338 Winchester magnum. Several Marlin levers, but they aren't lefties IMHO, they eject out the wrong side. Same with the Browning T-bolt in .22 magnum. Now then, anybody got a Coonan Portsider?


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    Right handed and left eye dominant as well here, so I'm an ambidextrous my necessity guy.
    I wouldn't mind a nice left handed bolt but I'm on A mission first for a quality left handed knife
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    I'm Left handed but shoot right handed because of a dominant right eye. Shot right handed since I got my first BB gun as a kid and never gave it much thought.
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    When the sight in my right eye started to go about 10 years ago, I decided is was time to start shooting left handed, Started off with a handgun then finally got used to a rifle.
    Since I was always left eys dominant, going left was the best decision I made. Most of my center fire rifles were lever, so not problem, I did buy a lefthanded CZ .22lr bolt, that I love to shoot.The really good part is when I shoot weak hand in IDPA, It's really not my weak hand.

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    Left eye dominant. Have always shot left-handed (and throw and kick left-footed) but do everything else right-handed like writing, and swinging a bat or golf club. Of all the guns I own, only 2 are true lefties - a Savage bolt action in .270 and a flintlock I made myself. I'm used to right-side ejection, but the worst is dealing with a cross bolt safety. Guns with tang safeties work best for me (like my 2 Browning Citoris). As for Marlins, I do get along just fine with my 39A and Model 1895!

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    I've realized that being left handed wasn't much of an impairment because it necessarily lead to some degree of ambidexterity. It became somewhat of an advantage in baseball, basketball, boxing, and martial arts. I can operate two computer interfaces at the same time too .
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    You're lucky - I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous...
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    Most of us lefties are at least somewhat ambidextrous, some more than others. I grew up shooting right handed, guns, bows, billiards, ect. and thought I did pretty well. When I discovered I was left eye dominant I forced myself to shoot left handed. Felt really awkward at first but I shoot way better than I ever did right handed. I won't shoot a LH bolt gun, I very much prefer a RH bolt. From a bi-pod, bag, or bench there really is an advantage shooting a RH bolt LH'd. And single loading a Marlin lever is an advantage as well for a lefty. At least for this one. No real difference either hand for pumps,semi autos, or handguns. Side locks are the only type gun I prefer in left handed. Wish they made left handed trapdooors...
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    My trapdoor works fine lefthanded, must have been a factory mistake, an 1884 trapdoor with bluffington sights. I am one of those who shoots ambidexterous sometimes, when on a pistol team in the army, I thought it might be advantagous to also train with my right hand. never can tell when you might need to shoot with the wrong hand.

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