model 60 flashlight mount to get nocturnal varmint
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    model 60 flashlight mount to get nocturnal varmint

    anyone have idea how to mount a light to a model 60.
    something, i think it might bee woodchuck, is cleaning out my cats food bowl. i just caught a glimpse of it when i opened door to haul in firewood and it scampered off into darkness.
    i figure 22 would work. theres too much stuff could get destroyed out backdoor if i were to use 20 or 12 gauge

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    If you have a scope---I have seen flashlight mounts which clip to the scope tube or a flashlight mount adapter which attaches to a front sling stud. Other than that---I guess rubber bands might work in a pinch.
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    I made a flashlight mount for my scoped Marlin 7000 using an old see through scope mount. Don't like those high rise see through mounts, so I have several that I have removed from used guns I have aquired. I just attached one to the scope with it turned to the left side. I cut a small strip of rubber and put it between the mount and a high output LED flashlight. I used two black zip ties crisscrossed to hold the light and strip of rubber to the mount. The rubber strip adds friction to keep the light from moving.
    This has worked great for me. Killed many armadillos and even a small wild hog.
    I may have a picture of the mounted flashlight.
    I at least found a good use for those otherwise worthless see through mounts.

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