If you were to buy a new .223/5.56 bolt...
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Thread: If you were to buy a new .223/5.56 bolt...

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    If you were to buy a new .223/5.56 bolt...

    ...what would you buy?

    I decided to forgo the 243 since it's setup for deer, and buy a 223/5.56 bolt for a predator rifle. I want the dual 223/5.56 so I have the option to run factory 5.56 plinking ammo. Looks like Savage, Remington, and Mossberg offer such a creature...

    I like that some of these use AR magazines...

    Any thoughts? Each has pros/cons...Savage with the accutrigger, Remington with a 24 inch barrel, Mossberg with AR magazines.

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    Ruger American uses AR Mags also.

    CZ 527 would make my list.

    Also the Howa bolt actions.
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    I am not in the market but have owned three Ruger M77s in 223 and would buy another. A CZ 527 would also be at the top of my list.
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    I had a Mossberg MVP Patrol in 223/5.56 (16" heavy barrel). Didn't like it at all. Scope that came with it had severely erratic adjustments and would not hold "zero" (a UTG if i recall correctly). It also would not feed anything other than FMJ bullets reliably(from ANY magazine), and never did group anywhere near what it should have. Three inch groups at 100 yards from a 223 are totally UNACCEPTABLE!! I used several different brands of ammo, and also installed a better (i.e. working properly!) scope, all to no avail. I ended up trading that off.

    A Ruger American or a Savage would be my choice. I don't know anything about the CZ.

    Good luck with your quest!
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    I have a savage axis and I am very pleased with it. very accurate right out of the box and at a comfortable price point. It is a lot of gun for the money.
    Had an MVP also, traded it off pretty quick. didnt like it.
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    A new Mossberg MVP would be my choice.
    The first generation MVP's had their issues but Mossberg worked out the kinks.
    I have had a Mossy bolt action it was deadly accurate. One i should have kept but a friend needed a rifle for his kids.
    They have developed their bolt actions and upgraded the MVP line as they improved them.
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    I have a 700, an axis and MVP.
    700 most accurate, top feeder/floor plate, classic stock, 24" std bbl. $379 (blind mag model) at Academy
    Axis, proprietary magazine too expensive, hard trigger, flimsy stock, shoots well, ugly, inexpensive buy, tang safety, lost mag=single shot rifle
    MVP, bottle caps at 70 yards, works with AR mags, bolt has "pick up lip" for mag use, clunky stock, trigger good, 20"? bbl, overpriced at $500.

    I've taken critters with all 3. I will keep all 3. Order of preference Remington, Mossberg, Savage

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    I have a Savage Axis that I like. I also like the detachable magazine and have had no problem with loss. The Axis I have does not have an Accu Trigger which I also like as I do not like the two stage triggers as well. I have a Ruger American in 243 which I may sell off. I am looking at a 223 also and am leaning strong toward an Axis. Thing about the Axis is that there are after market improvements that one can use. Timney triggers (also the internet has several ideas for improving the factory trigger) and nicer stocks.
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    I bought a Mossberg MVP Patrol a couple years ago and was very disappointed in it. I sold it the next day and would never buy another one.

    I now have a Ruger American that uses the AR magazines and a Tika T3.
    The Tika has a better fit and finish and I use it to hunt with. It is also more accurate than the Ruger. It is definitely in another class.
    The Ruger I carry in my vehicle when I am out in the wild. It is nice and light and shoots good. I would like to change the stock though.
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    People always overlook Tikka at my local gun shop, and that's to my advantage.

    They are guaranteed Sub MOA out of the box, and have never let me down.

    I have several Tikka T3 and T3x hunter rifles, and all are capable of Sub-MOA groups. A buddy has a 22-250 that he slays ground hogs with, and he never fails to headshot them at range.

    I prefer the 6.5 x 55 Swede, but they do offer just about every major caliber available.
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