Another thumbs up on a 39a
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    Another thumbs up on a 39a

    Just wanted to say thanks. I ordered mid Wed and it was here by Friday noon. Install was all of 5 minutes and it works great with the factory fold down rear. The blueing matches the gun very well. Now I just have to wait for the range to open tomorrow to sight it in, although I dread going near the range on a weekend. I'm hoping I'll get lucky and can use my factory front.

    I don't have much experience with peep sight, but I've developed the over 40 eyesight and I have a very hard time seeing even the front, much less the rear sights and was looking for a solution. When using a flat or semi-buckhorn sight I see the actual sight and at least one if not two ghost sights. It takes a minute to sort it out. With the peep I see just the sight and a very small ghost dot in the center and the front is much clearer. I'm really looking forward to shooting it with the new sight. I'm hoping this is going to be my solution to iron sights again.

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    Sounds good 1Madss, Thanks for the kind words. Let me know if I can be of more help!

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