sight on a Henry
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    sight on a Henry

    I ordered the barrel mount (dovetail) and installed it on my Henry 357mag. Installation went OK.(really easy) Just be careful with a hammer and the forearm stock. Don't know how I missed the wood dowel and my hand. But I have a nice character mark on the wood. After installation I used a laser bore sight inside my house. At the range it was shooting 2 inches low at 25 yard and a hair to the right. I adjusted the height with a couple of turns. I love this peep sight. Now I did have to remove the smaller aperture because it sits to far from my eye where it was mounted. Oh yea it took about six days to get to my house in SC. I think that all my mail goes to Atlanta before coming here. Pretty good coming from across country.

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    Re: sight on a Henry

    Glad you have it on and its working for you !

    On my barrel mounted rifles I've gone to the more open aperture also. Enough folks like the smaller one so we are still shipping with the std. .096" installed.

    The one pictured on our websight, mounted on a 10/22 is my personal rifle. Beginners with little experience are quickly bouncing soda cans at 50 yards with it. All they have to do is put the front sight on and squeeze!

    Let us know if we can be of more help!

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    Re: sight on a Henry

    my 1894 has no aperture and is as accurate as i can be...
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