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Thread: Denis Prisbrey passed away May 9th, 2019 (gun writer and MO member)

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    Prayers Sent!!!!!
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    Prayers for his family. Just saw an article written by him in the latest edition of "Guns of the Old West."
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    Prayers to the family. Sorry for the loss of your friend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by North Idaho Shooter View Post
    Prayers for his family. Just saw an article written by him in the latest edition of "Guns of the Old West."
    There were about 40 magazines scattered around one of the seating areas at his funeral, all with articles that he'd published within the last few years.
    I saw at least a dozen that he and I had talked about, but he told me had been shot down (or the article was cancelled; so he got paid, but it was never published). Apparently they ended up getting published anyway - in different gun rags.

    That's the way he was.
    Never let an article go to waste. Always try elsewhere, twist the plot, or even rewrite with a completely different story line based on the same data.

    His very first article, submitted in 1980, was a piece done on "Why the AR-15 is Relevant" - featuring my father's Colt SP1, as a rebuttal to all the talk at the time of, "No one needs one of those - they're just for killing PEOPLE!"
    It was shot down. MANY, many times.
    He got some other articles published in 1980 and 1981, but didn't give up on the AR article.
    He reworked it, rewrote it, and resubmitted it dozens of times. (On a typewriter, remember! No computer word processing!)
    In 1983, he did some more shooting and testing with the SP1 and an actual M16 (courtesy of a fine gentleman that I also had the pleasure of growing up around, but he also left this world too young).
    Still no sale.

    1986, he was going through a rough patch and went digging through the archives of unsold articles. The AR-15 came back up.
    Reworked it. Rewrote it. Got a "send it in, let me take a look" from his editor.

    In 1992, he added a modern commercial AR-15 to the article, tweaked it a bit, and submitted again.
    STILL no dice.

    ...But the editor sent him a note: "Find another approach. Come at it differently and we might be able to buy it."

    He reworked it into a "Evolution" piece.

    Little did anyone know that the majority of the material in that article was from 1980 and 1983.

    Twelve years.
    He spent twelve years on 3,500 words (or, more like 25,000 with all the rewrites).
    As Denis put it to me, when discussing that article, "It took twelve years, too many hours, and twelve hundred 1980s dollars out of my pocket to get a $300 paycheck in 1990s dollars. But, dammit, I had fun with friends and DID get it sold!"
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    It is so sad to lose a friend.RIP
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    The essence of retirement;

    Like oats through a horses go the days of my life.
    I'm only in my 60s,I have a nice long life ahead......big plans.
    Eating,sleeping and swatting is good.

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