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    The_45_kid Condolences on the passing of your step father and dad. My dad all my uncles and many of my other mentor's have passed on and are now on the next part of the journey. They live on in my thoughts and heart as I'm sure your loved ones do as well. Look after your mom your dad's would want that. Almost Everytime I cast a rod I think of my uncle Buddy, Everytime I pull a crab pot from the bay I think of my dad. And so it goes with most of my life these days. The pain will pass and pleasant memories will fill the void. Do all the things you've done with them and smile they are. Godspeed my friend.
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    Before my dad passed we would meet a bunch of guys at a bar every Thursday for drinks and dinner, we would solve all the worlds problems and go home. Over a year after he passed I was on my way to the bar on a Thursday to meet the guys and I found myself at the traffic light across from his house, like I always did when I would pick him up on the way into town. For some reason it was in my sub conscience to go get him. It takes time to heal and as others have said, that it’s different for each person.

    The best way to say thank you to Jim for raising you and taking good care of your Mom is to pay it forward to someone else. I’m sure Jim would be very proud of you for doing so and being a decent, good man as you already are.

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    Sorry for your loss, we all go home.
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    My sympathies and condolences, Sir. I'm sorry for your loss.
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    I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my dad New Year’s Eve. I feel your pain!
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    Prayers Sent!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarlinManCB45/70 View Post
    I am saddened to hear the bad news. Hang in there, as time heals all wounds...it just takes longer some times.

    Just recall all the good times y'all had together and the good things he did for your Mother and yourself. And you should try hard to carry out at least one of the plans you and he had together, in honor of him. You know he's watching from above...........

    Prayers sent for You and your Mother .

    FWIW you and I dress a lot alike. Hang in there Brother. if ya ever get over here to NC, PM me and we'll get together.

    RIP Jim.
    I have a friend stationed in the Marines in that area, we've been planning for a hunting in trip in the Carolinas when we get a chance. I'll let you know
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