I miss you grandpaw
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Thread: I miss you grandpaw

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    I miss you grandpaw

    So I am listening to guardians of the galaxy soundtrack vol.1 and I found this song. Man what a great opening guitar riff, it is so 1970's. Anyway it all came back in a rush. Where were you and how old were you in 1974?
    My family was living in a trailer next to a field across from my grandparents house in rural Wisconsin and I was only 6 years old. My grand father fought in world war 1 and raised me as best he could. The radio was always on, As he aged he hunted less and fished more " I think the cold winters and hunting with snowshoes on became too much for him". He only harvested deer by stalking them, he said " Joey, I respect the animals I hunt. I wouldn't hide in a tree and ambush them like some damn kraut sniper in no man's land" I did not find out what he meant until years later.

    I thought of him when I heard it. I miss him when the leaves turn red and frost is in the air and I sometime imagine I hear him whispering in my ear " Joey ! wake up little shipmate the fish are biting. Remember time and tide wait for no man" I love you grandpa and I will hunt and fish with you again some day. Joel

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    in 74 I was about to complete degree #1 in college. guess I have you beat by about 18 years or so. I miss the grandfolks all the time. took a drive home (West Virginia) several months ago with a best buddy.... he just suggested a road trip and said he wanted to see my home land. Visited the grandparents, great grandparent and whole clan in the cemetery. A good trip.

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