Tribute to Dad
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Thread: Tribute to Dad

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    Tribute to Dad

    Dad's birthday is Jan 27th and I just saw this video, brought tears to my eyes as I thought if I should have been the young guy and Dad the older one. Dad got shot up bad in WWII and he didn't want me or my brothers in the service. Too young to be drafted, but I wish I would have joined.

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    Long history in our family of military service. Dad was in the US Navy in WWII, aboard an escort carrier; His twin brother was in the US Navy also--in the SeaBees; His older brother was a Army Air Corps P-51 fighter pilot in Europe--shot down and killed on September 11, 1944; his sister's husband was in the Navy--also a SeaBee; I served three years in the Marine Corps; one of my sister's sons (oldest) served in the Army for one tour, while her youngest enlisted in the Marine Corps, was selected for officer, sent to college, and is still serving as a Captain; my son served 6 years in the Marine Corps as an F-18 mechanic.

    Yes, a very moving video.

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    Brought the water on for me. Me and little bro were the only ones in my immediate family that served, one cousin also. 68-69 for me, lil bro 67-68, cousin 66-67

    I'm still honoring my oath.

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    Sure enough tear jerker, my Dad was in the Army in WW2, called back for Korea, our family fighters go back to the Civil war or earlier.
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    I don't know if any of you saw the sequel The Pacific but if you did not you should. It was produced by Speilburg and Tom Hanks and was kinda like Band of Brothers but I thought it was better. I thought the best scene in it which there were plenty was when Lucky goes home after 2 years of fighting and gets out of the taxi in front of his house and goes to pay the taxi driver and is told there is no charge. The taxi driver tells him that he was in the army in Europe and they always got hot chow and showers and occasional leave but the Marines didn't get very much so he feels like he owes him which we all do. I was fortunate to meet one of the Marines who was featured in the movie as he was set up at the Market Hall gun show in Dallas, Tx sighning his book for passerby's and to this day he hates the Japs. He was a very soft spoken old Marine but I knew he had been through hell and back on some of those islands. That is what is wrong with America, the young folks don't have respect for those that have gone on before and made this country safe and no one bothers to set them down and tell them. The movie Pacific will sure nuff give you a insight into what it was like. God bless the Marines and pass the ammunition.

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    Marko, my father served in WWII & the Korean War. Was wounded like 6 times, according to the Purple Heart w/ Silver Oak Leaf.
    Served 14 yrs. 10 mns. & 28 days.
    Told my brother and I that he had served enough for the 3 of us.
    Thanks for the video.
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    That video was produced for one of our local grocery stores chains here in E TN. They will dust it off and play again around Memorial Day and Veterans Day.
    WLR in E TN

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