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Thread: Looking for a general purpose shotty..

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    Me, I always relied on my LH Rem. 1100 for upland birds, ducks, skeet, trap and sporting clays, and for deer when I switched out the bird barrel for a smoothbore barrel with iron sights. That is/was my primary 'all-around' shotgun and before screw-in chokes became a standardized feature on shotguns.

    I've had O/Us of various brands for skeet and upland birds and doves but then I won a "Ducks Unlimited" Benelli SBE 12 ga. at a DU raffle several years - that's all she wrote. Came with a set of screw-in tubes and that was that.

    It's been we'll over 20 years and that Benelli has taken all I could throw at it plus it has the advantage of being able to mix shotshell lengths all at the same time, and accepts steel loads. It became a standard-bearer for duck hunting guides in the Chesapeake Bay region for years and still is.

    Another difference is that it's balanced between the hands, more like an O/U, and not weight-forward like my 1100, and makes for a smoother swing. At least for me.

    The SBE has an enertia-operated recoil system (lessens perceived recoil) that was ennovative when it first came out, and it came with a set of chims at the front end of the stock and meets the back end of the frame to be able to adjust length-of-pull and drop at the comb to give the shooter a better fit. Now, alot of gun companies use the chim system today.

    Needless to say, short of dropping it out of a duck boat in a raging snowstorm and losing it forever while trying to nail a few geese - it's pretty much indestructible.

    When I was dedicated to NSSA compitition skeet shooting (40 years), I used Ithaca SKB 600s, but when I stopped competing, shotgun hunting for birds with my everyday shotguns were good enough to get the job done.

    Good luck with the choice of shotgun you decide on.

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    DaveJr. - You have received a great deal of information from the above posts. I will add I love my Rem 1100, 12ga. I bought many years ago, with a fixed choke barrel. I have years later added a rifled barrel, and a barrel with screw in chokes. I felt that if I wanted a one gun for everything this was it, plus it did cut down the recoil when used on Clays.
    BUT - because I love firearms I have also added a Pump, S/S and O/O shotguns. They are all UNIQUE in their own way.
    You can never have enough firearms.
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    I'm not a Rem fan. I shoot A5 Brownings. I will have to admitt Rem 1100s are good functional guns. I sold dozens of them mostly in 12g. Keep them reasonably clean and check O ring and you are good to go. They are the AK-47 of auto shotguns. Nice used guns can be had $300-$400. I've only bought one new and it was for my wife in 20g. I bought it with slug barrel and got her 21" FC VR special field barrel. Good outfit for deer and small game. Around here 1100 is the top shotgun everyone wants. The 1100 fans all want the older barrels not screw in choke models. I don't know about this the only one I ever hunted is wife's 20g. I would say a 1100 is best gun to get and price is resonable.
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    When we were teenagers my buddy got an 1100 and I got a Winchester Super X model 1. I have a soft spot for both of these shotguns. I also have an old A5.
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    I dropped the dime and ordered a Remington V3 from TSS (Tooele Shooting Supply) Warehouse in UT.
    I rationalized the purchase in a number of creative ways:

    • I'm getting older and have never seen a hearse towing a trailer
    • Why leave it to my kids?
    • I can put the 20" slug barrel back on my 870
    • I can introduce my wife to 12-gauge with a soft recoil before she shoots the Stoeger SxS.

    The last reason is the most valid.
    She is getting started in cowboy shooting, and the Stoeger is part of that ritual.
    Loaded with AA Winchesters, it still kicks like a gov't mule.
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