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Thread: Rattlesnake shooting "game"

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    A $500 fine was imposed for killing a rattlesnake on Camp Pendleton in the 1980's and early 1990's when I was stationed there.

    The recommended course of action was to call the MP's and they'd get the great duty of capturing and relocating the snake.

    Our base housing units had been built in an area infested with rattlesnakes. Guys would go on deployment leaving their wives & little kids home for months at a time. My shovel and I got quite a reputation for permanently resolving snake problems in the neighborhood. Laundry rooms. Garages. Living rooms. Patios...

    Then one day I got a call: "Can you come over and take care of this snake in our front yard? It scared my kids."

    So, I grab the trusty shovel and start walking over. I see there is a crowd of about 20 - 30 people gathered to watch me kill the snake... Witnesses? A $500 fine?

    I told her to call the MP's.

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    A man I worked with came to work one day and said he killed a snake in his front yard. When ask what kind of snake he said " a copper headed rattle moccasin".
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    Quote Originally Posted by electricmo View Post
    Fangs grow back Winmag!
    so it would gum you to death

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    Quote Originally Posted by moofy07 View Post
    Not being a snake fancier myself, I do rather enjoy snake shooting though.
    I would too Moof if I lived there. You've got a collection of the most poisonous snakes on the planet !! Inland Taipans, Brown snakes, Red bellied black snakes, Death Adders etc.
    If my wife asks....all guns cost five bucks and ammo is free !!!

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    I have caught and shot a lot of snakes. I honestly can't remember one that was necessary to shoot. Some it made sense to shoot because of where they were at. If I couldn't catch it I would shoot it if around where people were at.
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