Minnesota Republicans: Enforce Existing Gun Laws Before Passing New Ones
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Thread: Minnesota Republicans: Enforce Existing Gun Laws Before Passing New Ones

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    Thumbs up Minnesota Republicans: Enforce Existing Gun Laws Before Passing New Ones

    While Democrats are eager to advocate for pretty much any new gun control law that pops up, or so it seems, Republicans have generally resisted such measures. Not universally by any measure, but by and large, they’re less likely to back gun control bills than their Democratic colleagues. - Tom Knighton

    However, many Republicans point out one of the worst aspects of existing gun control laws, and that’s how they’re not enforced. Criminals routinely try to purchase guns in violation of federal law, and they’re never prosecuted for it, for example. In Minnesota, some Republicans in the state are pointing out some other areas of failing enforcement. ...

    Read more: https://bearingarms.com/tom-k/2019/0...3HJzxCJTJWIBoA
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    Yes. Why don't we try that for once? Same goes for immigration. If we can't even enforce what we have, how can any sane person conceive that increasing the workload through more laws will result in vast improvement. That is not the small efficient government that all republicans/conservatives should be demanding and working toward.
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    It has never been about safety.
    It is about complete and total disarming of Americans.
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ditto^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^...
    What this country needs is a department of common sense!
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    One of the most commonly ignored gun laws that occurs in every jurisdiction across this country is a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. You see and read about it in your local newspapers ever day where a convicted felon is caught committing a new felony(s) while in possession of a firearm and the local prosecutor usually offers a deal to drop gun charges if the suspect agrees to plead guilty down from a strong armed robbery charge to a petty larceny or some such nonsense.
    Happens all the time, every day across this country....
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