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Thread: Kroger (Frys) Joins Walmart In Asking Customers Not To Open Carry

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    Wyoma, kinda agree with your thinking, reminds me of going to Bass Pro, and seeing the "local yokels" in full camo, right down to snake boots!!! I'm really trying, but having a hard time remembering the last time I encountered a dangerous snake in Bass Pro, just sayin!!! T Rex
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    I've already seen a video of a Walmart customer who was carrying, being harassed by at least six officers because of the new policy. In the end, Walmart "trespassed" him from all of their stores, nationwide.
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    Is it absolutely necessary to make your statement at WalMart? Do I need to see John Rambo buying a Microwave? Why not pretend you're James Bond, carry concealed, dress impeccably, and wait for Kitty Galore to seduce you in the frozen food section. You'll still be armed, still Tactical, in fact, you'll be more Tactical by carrying concealed.

    I guess it's a whatever. Carry how and what you want, shop where you want. Have a great day.
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    I am a CHL holder and even though here in Texas we can open carry, I never do, except on my property when I'm hunting etc. When I carry I always carry concealed, as I don't care for anyone to know and see what I have. I don't want to be the person targeted by a criminal in a public place. If I were a criminal that was going to commit a crime and I saw you with a handgun you would be the first person to go down. In which case, that would give my a second weapon to use. I have nothing against open carry, its your right if you choose too. But its not for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyoma View Post
    I have no problem with open carry laws, it's the people who open carry that drive me crazy. In what universe does walking into a Walmart dressed in full battle gear carrying an assault rifle seem like a good idea? Most of the OC people that I see look like Wyatt Earp or Rambo. Believe me they are not furthering the cause of protection under the 2nd A. The non-believers think we're all "gun nuts." What us "gun nuts" need to do is get rid of the real "gun nuts."
    This is fairly true. Some people who open carry dress like slobs, weigh four hundred pounds, smell like they haven't showered in a month, and choose the cheapest, worst nylon holster available. That is the wrong way to go about it.

    When you open carry, you are creating a very valuable first impression with people who are unfamiliar with the practice. Dress reasonably presentably, don't look like a neckbeard, and use a proper holster. Nobody has ever seemed to notice, much less commented on, when I've carried an old Model 10 in a leather belt holster with my shirt tucked in.
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