Louisiana Legislators Make Strong Stance In Defense Of Second Amendment
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Thread: Louisiana Legislators Make Strong Stance In Defense Of Second Amendment

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    Thumbs up Louisiana Legislators Make Strong Stance In Defense Of Second Amendment

    Louisiana has a lot of guns. They also have a lot of homicides, unfortunately. These two facts aren’t necessarily related, but anti-gunners routinely conflate them as if correlation automatically equals causation. Still, it’s brought up by Louisianan anti-gunners as evidence that more gun control is needed in the state. Luckily, lawmakers aren’t buying it. Instead, they’re heading in another direction. - Tom Knighton

    The Louisiana House on Tuesday passed proposals that would expand the state’s reach over local regulation of gun control and boost existing “stand your ground” laws, indicating a momentum of gun legislation in the state. The House voted 68-30 to support a bill by Rep. Blake Miguez, R-Erath, which would eliminate the authority of local governments to prohibit the possession of firearms in certain businesses and public buildings. On the House floor, Miguez contended that the current law is “a patchwork of regulations that confuse those trying to follow the law.” Gun law should be consistent around the state, he added. ... “A good guy with a gun always stops a bad guy with a gun,” Miguez said. ...

    Read more: https://bearingarms.com/tom-k/2019/0...&recip=2267463

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    Something as rare as hens teeth....a politician with common sense.Good for Louisiana.
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    It'd be nice if this kind of common sense would spread.
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    We do have a few with common sense! Unfortunately we also have some very ignorant Democrat ones also! As for Blake, he is from a small town just west of me! Now the true idiot lives in my small town! A Democrat who brought up a bill to do away with the death sentence!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlinjunkie View Post
    It'd be nice if this kind of common sense would spread.
    Yeah, maybe someone will bring some when they come over for vacation?
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