Senator wants veterans' names removed from gun list
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    Senator wants veterans' names removed from gun list

    Since a severely mentally ill man rampaged through Virginia Tech last year, killing 32 people before turning a gun on himself, Congress and several states have been working to tighten rules on who can legally purchase a firearm.

    But a push in the U.S. Senate would remove from the national background check the names of 115,000 veterans who have been declared "mentally defective" — and would prevent the Department of Veterans Affairs from adding any more names unless the agency goes through a judicial system.

    The problem, says the senator behind the efforts, is that the veterans were added not because they were a danger to themselves or to others, but because they were assigned fiduciary guardians by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Note: The aftermath of H.R. 2640... American heros fighting to regain their rights from a tyrant goverment passing arbitrary laws to seize power that it has no constitutional authority to wield. The U.S. Congress is a despicable horde of parasites leeching on the nation's hind-quarters.

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    Re: Senator wants veterans' names removed from gun list

    Fred, this whole deal here has chapped my arse since I first heard of it. It is OK to hand them an M-16 and send them to die for us, but then to have the nerve to tell them they can't even own a hunting rifle or shotgun is one of the most outrageous things I have ever heard.

    If any of these dingbats that make such laws and or rules believe this helps, they should be handed an M-16 and sent right to the front lines today. I am a combat vet myself, and have killed the enemy, have seen friends die, and become crippled from combat, and been wounded myself. That in itself is bad enough, but when your own country tells you that you are not fit to own a gun or be able to enjoy hunting because you needed a little counseling or help for what you have gone through for this country is unacceptable to me. Hunting and being in the woods is one of the things that helps me keep it together. These fine Americans volunteered to do these things for this country and this is how they are repayed.

    It amazes me that folks who could set policies such as this can even sleep at night. We are supposed to help these kids any way possible, and this is NOT the way.

    Were it up to me every combat vet upon discharge would receive a new rifle, and 20,000 dollars as a sign of gratitude for them being willing to die for this country no matter what. The flea bags making these laws vote themselves big raises, and pensions for doing almost nothing for this country, and our young Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors die for this country giving all they had to give. More and more all the time I am ashamed of the things our elected lawmakers do.

    God bless all our Soldiers, Marines, Airman, and Sailors.

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