Marlin 88 feeding problem
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    Marlin 88 feeding problem

    I'm back again with another question or 3. I hope you guys can help me out.

    I took my Marlin 88 to the range this past weekend and it seemed to not want to feed the first round into the chamber. After the first round is fired, it seemed to be fine. But each first round, since it had to be manually actuated, the round behaves differently and doesnt want to chamber correctly. (in the picture provided, the dummy round isnt doing exactly what was happening at the range, but I figured it was still not chambering so it was ok to include)

    It seems like the bullet head would go slightly into the barrel but get stuck in an angled position.

    This rifle is my dad's and I was thinking that the feed ramp could be dirty in a place that I cant reach when its in the gun.

    So two questions:
    -How big of a pain is it to take this feedramp out (I removed the two screws but it doesnt seem to want to budge easily) and putting it back together

    -Is there another solution that is obvious to someone else?


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    Since your saying that the rest of the bullets in line cycle fine after the first, sounds like you need to try loading the first almost as fast as the others. Pull the lever full stroke and let go as fast as you can.

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