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Thread: Rifle scope choice

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    For what I do something like a 1.5-6 or 2-7 variable power on levers gives me all the flexibility I need. As much as we all like to think we are long range marksmen I will confess 80% of my shots are between 50 and 120 yards but I am comfortable to 160 yards with this setup. Started with older Japanese made tasco's and they never failed me and still have them (not sure when Japanese production stopped but you would need to be looking in the second hand market - newer ones made somewhere else and have had no experience with them). I have never seen the need for a big objective lens on a lever rifle and the advantage with a smaller lens i.e. 30 to 35 mm is that it lets you consider "low" or "mid" height mounts. Most lever factory stocks were not designed for scopes sitting on "high" or "very high" mounts. If you are shooting a 300 win mag sako ignore previous paragraph but if you have a 444 marlin its applicable.

    Recently (last decade) I have been buying Leupold scopes - more $ - I have bought new and very good condition 2nd hand. USA scope on a USA rifle - I like that. They have never let me down and I find they hold their resale value pretty well so if you start with an entry level Leupold and want to trade up in five years your original scope should have decent value if you have looked after it. Just my opinion and I am not always right.
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    I use to buy mostly K series Weavers when I started in 60s. Shifted to Leupold in 70s. All straight powers. I did buy a few Redfields along the way and have no complaints on any of them. Have some rifle scope combinations that are still together over 50yrs. I did buy a Nikon 6x that was a very good scope and let it go on a rifle. The last new scope I bought was Burris FF 3x9 for my 1895 Mar. The scope was fine but I didn't like the scope on lever the first time in the woods. Took it off and put reciever sight back on.
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    Dollar for dollar hunting scope for your lever action rifle.
    The Leapold Frontier line.
    Just my opinion.
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