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Thread: Remember Slow Food? (Email from a friend)

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    The best time to shoot is just before you get there, and just after you leave !!!!

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    I have lunch almost everyday in a small town greasy spoon. The same one I use to eat lunch in back in Hi School. I always tell them the only reason I still eat there is I hate Fast Food. They only have one speed of food and it's slow. Because of my seniority I get an extra slice of gravy on my home fries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mop View Post
    I resemble most of that.

    Mama would tell me to "go out and get the milk" which was on a shelf specifically built for that purpose so the milkman wouldn't set it on the ground.

    We had a floor furnace for heat and the telephone hung on the kitchen wall.

    I recall trying to get Dad to stop at the Burger Chef on Sundays after church, which he never did cause Mama had something to cook when we got home.

    I was in high school before I had pizza.

    The first charge card I had was the Sears & Roebuck so I could purchase a washer and dryer. They wouldn't let me charge but one at a time because both would have been over my limit.

    I saw a video of some kids trying to work a rotary dial phone. I didn't know it was that hard.
    LOL me too. I didn't get to eat a mc Donalds or Biff Burger until I turned 16 and got a DL. And bought the hamburger with my money.
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    Nothing new to add here, it's all so familiar. Nowadays everyone is into convenience and entitlement. I think it shows in the type of society we have become.For the most part soft, both physically and mentally.
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