91 and 93 mauser
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Thread: 91 and 93 mauser

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    91 and 93 mauser

    i have a 91 argentine mauser(well, its on the way) and a 93 spanish mauser(1922 or 23) that was bubba-ed up(so bad ). i have a couple or several questions about them.

    1. i like aperture sights (lyman, redfield, williams), esp vintage sights. is it possible to do a aperture on a 91 mauser? if it is, what kind?

    2. what after market trigger(timney, jewell...) does a 91 argentine mauser fit on?

    3. what after market trigger(timney, jewell...) does a 93 spanish mauser fit on?

    thanks for your time and effort!!!

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    All of the sight manufacturers you mention make, or have made, aperture sights to fit Mausers. Of course, drilling and tapping is required for all, I believe. And I know Timney makes triggers to fit -- visit their website and do a look-up.
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    Those weren't made for the consumer market. It was never expected that they'd be customized and no provision was made for it.

    The aftermarket triggers fit in pretty easily by driving out and exchanging a pin or two.

    Aperture sights will need to have holes drilled and tapped into the receiver. If you go with a Williams, or Lyman, or such, they will go on the side of the receiver, behind the loading cut out. A side receiver mount will allow the maximum deflection of the aperture sight.

    Be aware, you may need a taller front sight. The front sight wasn't made to be adjustable, either. Make sure that the rear aperture is mounted as close to the action top as possible, and that it has enough deflection to touch the barrel. Then shoot it and see if the front sight is ok.

    Ideally, with the rear aperture as low as it will go, the rifle should shoot low. Then you'll have enough elevation in the rear sight to raise the point of impact. If the rear isas low as it will go and rifle still shoots high, you'll need a taller front sight.

    Check back here if this doesn't make sense to you.

    Good luck.
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