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Thread: It Causes Cancer? Really?

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    If you need an excuse to ban something there are almost aways trace chemicals in any manufactured product that "are known to cause cancer" to some governmental entity*. Gunpowder has residual ether and acetone (that good smell when you pop the lid) from the gelling and extrusion process. There are all kinds of additives/coatings to adjust burn rate. Some of those are amines which are usually suspect for causing cancer (not the amine itself, but the nitrosoamines they form from exposure to nitric oxide). The confusing part is why Varget? All smokeless gunpowders have some of these same trace "contaminates" to one degree or another, so none should be OK for health/environmental reasons. So, my conclusion is that this is purely a trade restriction to block an imported competitor.

    * Interesting side note: I once talked to a chemist who had worked for the artificial flavoring industry. He said artificial flavors could never be made to taste exactly like the nature flavor because the natural flavor contained trace chemicals "known to cause cancer". Those trace chemicals could not be ethically added to the artificial flavors, so the artificial flavors never quite matched the natural ones. But, natural flavors can be sold and eaten despite containing the "bad" chemicals because they are "natural". Think about that when you are choosing flavors at the store for your cooking.

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    Well when the Pheasant season finishes on 31st Jan I will have to start looking at new powders so I will be asking advise when I figure out what is available. Dam, 14 hells and a bugger. We have our first day this Saturday a driven 150 bird let day. And I have just had an email from the boss our game dealer will not take the birds this year as the market is saturated, well my beaters and picking up team better have some freezer room. Oh and by the way its still raining just going out to get wet yet again. Have a good day Gar.
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    Dang ol’ nitrosoamines...they rurn everthing.
    Made this armer-diller play ‘possum!

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