Hey all,

I have finished loading for 44 mag, 450 Marlin, and 375 Winchester and am finally ready to load for my 444. (45-70 is next in line)
I bought 100 pieces of Starline brass.
While rifling through my bullet selection (no pun intended), I found 2 boxes of different types of 240 grain cast and 1 box of 405 grain cast bullets that I forgot I even had.
All are .432 diameter.
I've been reading up on loading for the 444, but can't really find the information I'm looking for for these bullets, so perhaps some of you can help.
All of the bullets are flat point and it looks like one of the 240 grain cast are gas checked.
Do any of you have any solid load data that you would consider good for these types of bullets.
Everything I'm reading says that cast bullets and microgroove aren't great unless the bullets are cruising around 2000 fps.
Easy to do with the 240's, not so sure about moving a 405 grain chunk of lead that fast.
I also have the 265 grain Hornady FTX which I will load 25 of. That I have plenty of data for.
Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you !