Quality of brass
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    Quality of brass

    Does it seem like recently manufactured brass is not as good as brass made 10 years ago.
    I have some old brass that I have reloaded several times. But recent brass splits after 1 or 2 reloads.
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    Re: Quality of brass

    I had a batch of Winchester 30-06 that splits necks on the third reload. I am still using Remington brass that have 6 loaded rounds gone through. I just found this weekend one Remington factory round split from the first shot. I am using 30-30 Winchesters that have 8 loaded cycles and was worried I would have problem when I purchased them back a year ago.

    Must be bad batch. I am thinking about annealing my brass in the future. It's hard to say.
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    Re: Quality of brass

    Like anything else, brass varies from lot to lot. Some of it is alloyed and formed and annealed perfectly, some is not. I had some PMC 357 brass years ago that I reloaded every week for over a year...........I still have some of it, and it was not loaded down, they were full-house 357 loads most of the time.

    Then like you, I've had other brass that seemed brittle and split or cracked after a few firings. Age is hard to judge with "new" brass, it may have been sitting around for several years before it was shipped to your vendor. Plenty of reason to inspect your brass EVERY time you load it, especially if it's all mixed together. I'll be prepping 40S&W brass this afternoon while I listen to the ball games, some of it is once-fired PD brass, some is stuff I bought from Midway 20 years ago, and it's all mixed. You can bet those cases get a careful going-over before I reprime them!
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