Lost my best friend, buddy, the man who taught me everything I know, my Father.
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Thread: Lost my best friend, buddy, the man who taught me everything I know, my Father.

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    Lost my best friend, buddy, the man who taught me everything I know, my Father.

    It's taken me a while to post this, my Dad past away November 29, 2013, the day after Thanksgiving. He was 84 years old. With the arrangements that had to be made when your last parent passes, along with the holidays, things have been a little difficult. We had a great Thanksgiving; he got to see or talk to everyone and stayed out till 10 PM. He passed away peacefully in a chair the next morning getting ready to go out for breakfast. He had a bad heart for 30 years and suffered with congestive heart failure the past 2 years. He was blessed with a long full life, with a loving family, and the Lord called him home very peacefully.

    My Dad made me the man I am today. He showed me through example how to be a good husband and father. He passed his strong faith in the Lord on to me and my sister. He taught me how to fish and hunt, and more importantly how to do it responsibly. He believed in harvesting game humanly, if you can't take with one shot you have no business shooting. Many people talked to me at his visitation and the thing that was repeated the most was that he was the nicest person they ever knew. Dad was not an important man in business, and he was not rich in earthy possessions. But he was rich in all the areas that really count, his faith, church, family, and many friends. I did not realize how many lives he had touch until I saw the people that showed up at his visitation, about 500!

    I am sorry for being so long winded but I loved this man so much I could go on and on. I have posted a few pics below so you can get to know him just a little.

    I miss you Pop, your buddy, Dave.

    Up in his tree stand.

    Hunting his stand.

    Relaxing in deer camp.

    Sucessful outing with Dad, my 3 kids, and me.

    Another hunt where all 3 kids scored!

    Fly fishing the Snake River.

    Trout fishing at Bennett Springs with Dad and my sister.

    Northern Ontario with Dad.

    Here's one for you Pop!

    Rest in Peace

    Jack Brueggeman, 1929 - 2013

    Thanks for reading.

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    Hey Dave,

    Sorry for your loss.

    From the pics, looks (as you describe) as your Father was "rich" in all the ways that matter.

    God Speed.

    Later, Mark
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    Prayers sent.
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    What a nice tribute you wrote about your Dad. My deepest sympathy for you, he must have been quite a guy but just remember, from what you've written, you must have been a tremendous son to him as well.
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    Nice tribute and great photos of a life well lived.
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    Thanks for posting this. Good that he passed peacefully surrounded by a loving family. Prayers sent for you and yours.
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    Cheers to you and your Pop!

    Thanks for sharing the tribute to him.

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    So sorry for your loss. Your Dad sounds/looks like a great man. I'm sure he will be remembered fondly and often.
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    A great tribute to your father. I know he would be proud of you. Prayers sent God Bless.
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    Prayers Sent!!!!!
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