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Thread: 2014 Marlin 1895 starting to rust a bit

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    I have what is referred to as rusty hands and my hands will easily leave prints even on well finished and blued firearms/metal the only rust preventative I have ever used that actually works for long periods of time is eezox it is dry and stays where you put it last for at least a year of heavy use etc and many years of casual use. If you do try eezox from what I have seen it requires at least 3 coats and a day between each flashing off, sunshine or heat helps the process as well, and a breakdown of the firearm is needed use a small artist paint brush, pipe cleaners, q-tips, and cleaning patches to apply... a soft rag, microfiber cloth, q-tips, pipe cleaners etc to remove and you need to gently wipe the remaining oil off but do not polish it off let this stand for several hours or 2 days max to finish flashing off. This may sound like a lot of work however it's not bad and most of the time spent is waiting between cure/flashing off when finished you don't have to worry about it anymore the dry finish does not migrate, resist even my finger prints and last and last. This also takes care of and preservatives from manufacturing, removes all the oil, gunk, dirt etc from previous use and sprays and cleaning chemicals that have run into the action and the rear tang area.. Don't forget to get inside the magazine tube and spring every steel part needs cleaned and coated.

    As to Marlin blue I have had problems with it even the older marlins, it seems the blue rust easy I guess the big flat sides are easy to swipe as well...but even marlin 22 bolt rifles I have had problems flash rusting and once it starts it seems to rust easier and easier, I have purchased marlin bolt action 22 rifles that were new with stickers and box from the early 80's (this was purchased in early 90's) that had rust on them for $30-$50 outstanding buys even back then.

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    Wipe them ALL down with Mobil-1 Synthetic... and walk away.

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    I don't want to bust anybody's bubble here,or oversimplify all those theories,but properly cleaned and lubricated steel can't rust. It's a physical impossibility. If you've got any ferrous metal separated from atmospheric oxygen and moisture by a coating of high-quality lube,and it was carefully cleaned and dried beforehand,rust cannot form.
    The OP washed away the lube coating by overcleaning with Action Scrubber,and never re-lubed. So the bare steel rusted.

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