Paper patched bullets COL
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Thread: Paper patched bullets COL

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    Paper patched bullets COL

    The more I mess with black powder and paper patched bullets, the more I realize, while I know they will work in a lever action rifle, they were really meant for single shot rifles. The following link is a download of a pdf which shows the basics of loading paper patch bullets with black powder. The first thing I noticed is, even though 45-70 cases are used, the bullets are purposely seated very shallow, so the COL ends up much longer than SAAMI or anything that could possibly be loaded into a lever action rifle.* I will still be loading up some pure lead bullet BP cartridges for in my 1895, but it's clear it will be using less than 70 gr of black powder and as much compression as is reasonable. I'll have to say starting this I had no idea how involved it is, but I'm still caught up in the challenge. IOW, let's do this!

    *How much case room will there be for the PPB? After the powder, wad, and any compression are accomplished, the space between the wad and the mouth of the case could be anywhere between 1/10” and 1/2”. A good compromise might be 1/8” or 3/16”. The point being, loading 400 grain bullet 1/8" in a 45-70 case, results in a COL of around 3", not the SAAMI spec of 2.550.
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