Paper patch bullets work!
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Thread: Paper patch bullets work!

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    Paper patch bullets work!

    I have a Remlin 1895 CBA in 45-70 with a tang rear sight and globe front. I started experimenting with these paper patch bullets when I had some extra 45 Colt (.452" dia) 255g SWC bullets and wanted to shoot them in my 45 -70, which requires a .458" dia bullet. I wrapped the bullets in receipt tape (over the cannelure) and loaded them with either 16gr of Unique or 20 grains of 2400, with less than stellar results; 6" patterns at 50 yards. I then loaded up some 250g RN and used some 9# onion paper I bought from Buffalo Arms, and the patterns shrunk to 3" @ 50 yards; I think the difference was SWC are shorter and I loaded them too deep. Anyway, my next foray was to paper patch some bullets made by Buffalo arms for that purpose. These bullets are .452" dia, 400g 100% lead with a rounded tip and concave bottom; I loaded these to an OAL of 2.525. The first load was with 16g Unique, which shot 3" patterns at 50 yards. The next load was with 45g 3031 and they shot 1 1/2" patterns at 50 yards. I have not had much luck with the consistency when shooting lead bullets in this rifle and this certainly equals the best I have shot with them. I have also had consistent and equal results with plated bullets, but this is much more fun. On my next trip to the range I will be shooting at 75 and then 100 yds.
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