Central Florida deer hunt
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Thread: Central Florida deer hunt

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    Central Florida deer hunt

    good morning all,
    Before the season is upon us i'd like to see if i can find a mentor for some deer hunting here in central florida specifically lake county.
    I've been on a few guided hunts for pigs but haven't yet hunted Bambi. I have all the needed permits and can purchase the tags needed for WMAs and bucks. could do Shotgun or centerfire season. I'd just like the idea of not plodding around the WMAs by myself with no practice gutting deer. Will happily provide lunch, or part out a deer. Let me know, if nothing else i'd be happy to listen to any and all advice you fine folks have.
    Thanks- Cameron
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    Guttin a deer is easy just takes a sharp knife, time, effort and is a bit messy. many youtube videos on the subject. Wish I could help but way too far north. to hunt game you must first know the habits and food sources for them. Scouting is a very underrated aspect of hunting. So maybe you could put aside a few days to do your own scouting, looking for scat, tracks and game trails. Follow a few game trails get off to one side down wind and sit wait watch and listen. You might learn something from this experience or it might spark other questions and interests. You might even find someone out doing the same thing that might be interested in helping you. Also study the vegetation in the area and be able to identify different species, very helpful in hunting tactics.

    For instance, one scouting trip I found some bear scat that had some unusual seeds that I could not readily id. the fact is there was plenty of these seeds present in the scat over a certain time of year and for the life of me I could not figure it out. While wondering around the woods one day I was trying to identify some of the trees on the property and came across a kind of tree with slick bark and what appeared to be claw marks up one side of the tree to about 20 ft. I began to notice that these trees were only in one area of the farm so I id'd the tree as a particular magnolia that is indigenous to the area. I then found below one of them a couple of seed pods from the tree that had the exact type of seed I had seen in the scat.....Bingo..found out that these seed pods are like bear candy.

    Now I know where these trees are and I regularly set-up cameras and occasionally hunt that area. Always get bear photos around these trees.

    Good luck and take the first step and start scouting and gathering intel.
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    my dad and I have hunted Florida for a long time. Deers in Florida are very hard to find. My dad wouldn't shoot a Florida deer if it doesn't have 6 points or more. The problem here is that the legal size is one spike 4" long. My dad calls them key deers (very small), if they keep shooting the key deers we will never find a 6+ deer. You will have better luck in GA. Good Luck

    ricky jr

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