Need advice on Scope Mounting Options
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Thread: Need advice on Scope Mounting Options

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    Need advice on Scope Mounting Options

    Looking for advice. I shoot paper, but if I ever go hunting, this scope will probably be there with me.

    I'm leaning towards the Leupold FX-II Scout 2.5x 28mm, so obviously Leupold rings would 'match' and be better!
    (I've read good things about this particular scope on this site.)

    Looking to use this on several Marlins which all have some recoil:
    1894CSBL in .357magnum (has the XS sights/rail)
    1894 in .44magnum (I added the XS sights/rail)
    I may end up getting the 1895SBL in 45-70 (also has a rail)

    So my questions:

    - Looking for 1" rings - some say Weaver compatible, some say Picatinny I thought they were the same except for the spacing of the 'slots', with Picatinny having more evenly spaced slots. What do I want for a Picatinny Rail?

    - I don't mind using a tool (hex key) to mount the rings to the rail. I prefer light weight, streamlined rings. Is there an advantage to the 'quick connect' lever rings? They seem VERY expensive, less streamlined, and heavier than 'basic' rings.

    - Should I consider the one-piece ring system (with a base-plate, which adds weight)? or are separate rings just as good if I end up moving the scope from one rifle to another (re-zeroing each time, of course!)?

    - NOT important, but I'm curious: I think this is the scope that was used in the movie "Jurassic World" which was silver - was that special-ordered in silver? or did they use the 4x 'handgun' version of this scope? I'm fine with matte black, but figured I might as well ask the question.

    If I'm overlooking an issue/question that should be included in this discussion, please feel free to mention it!
    THANKS in advance!

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    I can say this for certain. I had a hell of a time zeroing a Savage BA 10 rifle in .308 caliber. I have a Nikon Prostaff 5 Scope First focal plane scope, which has a 1" dia. tube. I bought the Leupold 1" diameter steel rings (which can be mounted for either picatinny or Weaver style bases)and mounted them on the rail that came with the Savage rifle. I lapped the rings and secured into the respective base saddles, and mounted my scope correctly. I then used a wheeler green laser bore sight tool and went to the range. To make a long story short I couldn't get my shot placement in one location. After removing the scope and examining the rings I found play on both of the ring bases ( mind that they had been blue lock tight and torqued to 18 pounds ) , so I removed them for examination. To my surprise I found that the screws that attach the bases saddles to the rail were completely round and did not have a flat on them, and because they did not have a flat on that screw ring bases did not fit the weaver style rail.THEY MOVED FROM SIDE TO SIDE JUST ENOUGH TO PREVENT AN ACURATE BULLET PLACEMENT. I replaced them with Weaver Grand Slam steel rings which have a flat on the mounting screw that mates perfectly with the rail. After replacing the rings with the Weaver Grand Slam rings I went back to my range. I used the Wheeler precision laser bore sight tool and proceeded to print respectable 1/2 minute of angle groups at 100 Yds. Moral at least for me is to check those rings out and make absolutely certain that they will attach properly to which ever rail style you choose. Please do not skimp on the rings. STEEL Is the way to get a solid foundation for your scope not aluminum which may flex and shift or otherwise move on you if you are using magnum chambered firearms!

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    That is a good choice in scope. I still own two but another favorite is the older US-made Burris 2.75 which is smaller and lighter.

    Weaver and picatinny rails are different in that the picatinny rail has wider slots. As such the weaver type rings will fit a picatinny rail but picatinny accessories won't fit a weaver type rail without modification, specifically milling wider slots. I have done this on several of my own projects but have a milling machine which most guys don't have.

    The advantage of quick connect rings is it gives you (in theory) the ability to use the factory irons by removing the scope quickly and without tools should it ever fail. In reality this is unlikely with a modern sealed scope but I had a Leupold scout that had a broken reticle and had to send it back for repair. It would be a shame to miss whatever game you were after due to a bad scope. Personally I don't care for any of the one piece mounts since you can't take them off but a lot of guys like them which is fine. To each their own.

    As for the rings, the more expensive rings are typically machined better and held to tighter tolerances. The Leupold and Warne quick release rings are my personal favorites as each has a separate hardened steel lug that fits in the cross slot. On many of the cheaper rings this recoil lug is cast into the ring and the fit is not as precise. Cheap rings usually work okay but when you run into accuracy issues and post about it on the internet, that's the first thing people suggest looking at or replacing. Personally I'd rather spend the money on a good set of rings and be done with it. Buy once, cry once.

    I didn't see that movie but it may have been from the custom shop, though at one time Leupold did offer the scout scopes in silver and gunmetal gray. I have a gunmetal scout scope on my Ruger Frontier and have never seen another one like it so am not sure how common they are.

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    cant go wrong with leupold scope mount and rings. I have run in to mix and match problems. after many hours with a file to make rings fit an Ar I built I've stayed with either burris or leupold rings and bases since that time

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    I just ordered the Leupold FX-II Scout.

    I realize it depends on where my eye lines up with the scope, but most of these retailers don't specify and scope ring height other than 'low', 'medium', or 'high'.
    What would be a good starting point for this scope on a Marlin with a rail? (I hate returns/exchanges)

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    On my SBL I have the Vortex Scout scope with Warne medium quick release rings. Very happy with both. Only have a couple of boxes of ammo through it but so far so good.


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    Depends on the objective size of your scope and in your case the length of your rail and how high above the barrel it is. For Leupold rings: If the end of the scope clears the rail you can use a low mount with an objective lens up to 33 mm. If you have a long rail and the scope will not go beyond the rail, a medium will handle an objective lens size from 36 to 45mm. Your 28mm objective is relatively small so if you want your cheek firmly planted on the stock use the small.

    But something important to keep in mind: If you hunt in very cold weather and use some type of insulating face mask you may want to go higher. You will find a scope that lines up with no problem in the summer is impossible to see through when dressed for the winter. The same goes when adjusting for eye relief. If your coat looks like a pillow, there is no way that you can mount the gun like you did in the summer. It's a lesson I learned the hard way and now all my hunting rifles use medium or higher rings with the scope pushed in a little too close for summer shooting.
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