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Now 50 years old I need 2X reading glasses to see anything clearly closer than my reach. Open iron sites just did not work. Did a bunch of research to find tech sites were the next greatest thing. A bit more research turned up a decent Simmons 4X scope for a little less money not factoring in the $350 homeland security export fee for a Canadian. Decided on the cheap scope based on reviews with the only consistent complaint being the included mounting rings. Decided to bypass the frustration and order the recommended replacement. The following review is for the Accushot Airgun / 22 Integral Ring Mount available on Amazon and other firearms sites.


Ordered up the Simmons scope and immediately threw the mounting rings in the garbage. Accushot mount arrived the next day. I have to say I am impressed with the manufacturing quality and fully understand why it gets such great reviews online. Marlin 795 has a notoriously shallow dovetail yet this mounting bracket uses the full length with three individual torsion screws. It also includes a top mount set screw that really clamps from above to the dovetail. An additional 8 set screws clamp your scope so this sucker will not move no matter how many rounds you send down range. The thing that impressed me the most is that the manufacturer includes one extra of each allen screw and one of each allen key needed to attach. I haven't seen a manufacturer include extra fasteners in a long time!


Both Americans and Canadians can order this product online for only a few dollars but make a huge improvement on upgrading a inexpensive scope and especially if you are using a less expensive rifle like the Marlin 795. I can see again! I am personally really impressed with this product.