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Thread: Night Scopes

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    Night Scopes

    My brother in law has a coyote problem and is interested in fitting a night vision scope to his rifle, does anyone here have any recommendations? Is he better off going with a night scope or a mounted light? He has a Savage 11/111 in .223, along with a few AR's. I have no experience in this area so any advice will be appreciated.
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    Check out Fox man post in the small varmint section

    I have never used a night vision scope, I have used a light to hunt varmints... but don't care to much for night hunting even with the advantages. I hunted an area about 40 acres really hard with calls, and over bait, as well as chicken manure (coyotes come in like white in rice to manure trucks spreading) I had piled up a lot of kills thinking I probably run the pack off, or decimated it. About 2 months later I was bottom plowing the field I had hunted over when a small pack of coyotes ran a rabbit right beside me on the tractor... they never even noticed me, before long with a bunch of yipping, and hollering there was 30-40 coyotes all around me. This was well before we had the coyote problem we do now, it really opened my eyes to just how many coyotes were in the area. If you need population control a gun will not do... that is my personal opinion with a little evidence thrown in for good measure.

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    All I can say is be sure that whatever you purchase has a guarantee that is VERY good! And that the company you purchase it from has very good customer service. I purchased and ATI night vision scope from a LGS at their was their first night scope and were excited about it! I asked them how durable it was and would it stand up to the recoil of my AR in 458 SOCOM that I planned to use on a hunting trip to WV (bears, Mountain Lions and hogs)...and was assured that it would! lasted 3 shots and turned off for good. Fortunately, my LGS who I am a very good customer with took the chore of returning that scope to ATI. Even the LGS was amazed at how poor the Customer service was and it took them many phone calls and over a month to get it back. They said it was a software glitch....which I and the LGS were doubtful on but whatever, it came back. This LGS has a range, and the manager asked me to bring my rifle in, mount the scope and lets try it in their indoor range. Well, it lasted 6 shots before it was done! I traded the money for the ATI scope for a Leupold VXR-1-4x28 with firedot which is now mounted on the AR.
    Good luck! And be careful!
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