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Thread: Cheap scopes.

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    I don't care for the term "cheap scope" I'd rather call them "economy scope". Now I understand that a lot of guys feel their "economy scope" is just fine and dandy for their purpose. Can't argue with that. I've had, and still have, one or two of them from years ago. They're not mounted on a gun, but maybe someday I'll find the right application for them. I can't recall ever having one fail either.

    But some of the hunts I go on I can't afford optics failure in scope, binoculars or rangefinder. When I get flown in for a 10 day moose hunt in Canada where your always going to get rained on, I won't take marginal equipment. I've got between $2,500 and $3,500 invested in the trip and i'm not going in with an "economy optic" in any of the above. Makes no sense to me.

    My choice is Leupold on all three.

    Last year my partner took some compact Simmons binoculars and raved about how clear they were at 1/4 the cost of my Leupolds. Well we got caught in the first and only rain storm, and it was a real gully washer. Later that day I see him using his rangefinder as a monocular instead of his binoculars and asked why. He said it was clearer around the edges. I never broached that subject again. Live & learn ----- and we've done these hunts many times before. I don't get it. Rain/moisture will bite you every time.

    If your hunting close to home or where you can get a replacement weapon if needed, most any one will suffice. But if your going on a pricey hunt with no recourse for replacement, I'd suggest you give you choices some serious thought. It might be the difference between success and remorse.
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    Go on Amazon,they have a bunch of 3-9 scopes in that price range.

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    you get what you pay for. sometimes its not as good as what you pay for,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Leupold scopes of vx-2 grade or higher adorn all my hunting rifles now.
    Ran plenty of Bushnell scopes Trophy & above in my lean and hungry years on various rifles and they + 1 Nikon Prostaff ride my 22LR rifles today.
    Bushnell Trophy, Legend, Elite ... a lot of scope for the money.
    A Bushnell ScopeChief IV 2.5-8x40 with 'Command Post' sat upon my favorite bolt action rifle a Ruger M77 MKII All Weather in 300 Win Mag with black Zytel 'paddle' stock until just recently when it was replaced with a Leupold vx-3i 3.5-10x40mm.
    That combination killed untold hogs, deer, 2 elk & several moose from ranges of 30 to over 500 yds.
    I would not hesitate to put that ScopeChief IV on a top end rifle today.

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    Buy a used Leupold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ-5 View Post
    Who makes a good (enough) $60-$75 scope , 3-9 power, not heavy recoiling rifles. I know someone will say spend $800 on a Leopold. I need something to finish an inexpensive 223. Does not have to be compact. I have had a couple of good Barskas but 2 friends did not. Might even like a 6 power not adjustable.
    I wish I knew what kind of rifle he was going to put it on. Frankly he is better off with no scope than he would be with a $60 - $70 3-9. Since he mentioned 6X he should look into a Weaver K6. They are under $200, utterly reliable, and quite clear.

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    Some sound advice given here. Plenty to think about. I can only add something not often considered, matching the price range to the requirement. What I mean is is of I wanted a scope for plinking at squirrels and rats, on a rifle being bashed about a bit a cheap scope would be fine. If it fails, bin it. However if travelling abroad invited to a hunt I would want a decent quality scope. At least Leupold level. Lets call it requirement assessment.... Who's going to buy a Sworvorski for a .22 yard plinker?
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    Best scope I ever bought was a USA made Burris fullfeild 2 that I bought for 100 bucks, had it on a browning BAR 30-06 after I got it sighted in I never touched it. Here lately I've been buying sig Sauer whiskey 3 scopes I've got 3 2-7-32 they cost about a 100 and there bright as any Nikon or Burris and there tough and come with a lifetime watranty

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