The SG 35 as stated above is an OEM 35 Remington cartridge in a modified Marlin lever action rifle. The bullet weight used and the adjusted cartridge overall length, up to the maximum cartridge overall length of the SG 35 modification dictates the maximum powder charge available to the user.

The variations in bullets weights and cartridge overall lengths is infinite within relation to the case capacity of the 35 Rem case, and of course, the individual rifle used for the modification plays a role in determining a maximum load.

Any load that is of OEM or factory power may be used in the modified SG 35 rifle, just as it would be in an unmodified 35 Rem rifle, but, because the modification allows for greater performance than the OEM or factory 35 Rem, powder charges can exceed the OEM or factory load powder charges, but, ONLY IN THE SG 35 MODIFIED RIFLE. Non modified, factory built, OEM rifles are only suitable for the standard SAAMI specification loads for the 35 Rem cartridge. (Read Disclaimer Sticky).

Regardless of whether I am shooting OEM or factory loads in my SG 35, or the modified SG 35 loads, my starting point for safety sake when working up "ANY" new load always starts at 10% below the maximum listed SAAMI, OEM or factory load. This has been my procedure since testing began on the SG 35, and it has served me well.