What is the Safari Grade 35?
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Thread: What is the Safari Grade 35?

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    What is the Safari Grade 35?

    ....inquiring minds want to know:

    The SG 35 is a modified Marlin lever action rifle chambered in 35 Remington. The modification increases the power of the OEM 35 Remington cartridge.

    The modification utilizes the OEM 35 Rem case with no modification, and uses reloading equipment and components standard to the OEM 35 Rem. This is NOT a wildcat, but a modified rifle that utilizes the OEM cartridge. This modified rifle will also shoot OEM loads or factory ammunition as accurately as it does the high power SG 35 loads, and ammunition can be tailored through reloading and bullet choice for the game and conditions that the game is being hunted under.

    Suitable bullet weights for the modification can range from factory load bullets to 230 RP, Safari 260, and Safari 310 grain cast bullet weights or, anything in between. The heavy weight bullet molds (RP, and Safari) are available through Accurate Molds, and jacketed bullets are available through Hawk Bullets.

    Like my Safari Grade 444 this SG 35 modification offers superb versatility and is truly a "one gun hunters" rifle that can be used for any hunting situation, anywhere.

    With like weight bullets the power of the SG 35 can near the power of the 35 Whelen.

    My personal SG 35, a 24" Marlin 35 Rem XLR that has gone through a very thorough testing process that has been conducted over a period of a number of years, and is closing in on 4000 rounds of range tested, and documented results. The testing continues, but, this rifle is carried afield every year during the hunting season. It is a joy to carry and shoot, and best of all it is a fast pointing, fast cycling Marlin lever action with the power to get the job done under all hunting conditions.
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