1983 vt500c
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Thread: 1983 vt500c

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    1983 vt500c

    Well, got a wild hair a few months back and traded off a S&W AR15 Sport II for a 1983 Honda VT500C!

    Most folks would think..."a 496CC?? But WHY??"
    Well, because I did my homework...63 BHP for the 1983 & '84...
    consider that's got a total weight of 424 pounds...well, Zoom Zoom!
    And the mods to the airbox, carbs, pipes, & tuning make it even more powerful...

    Basically It'll catch a Harley 1200 flat-footed with no trouble at all
    Should be able to catch a few off-guard before word gets out...
    always fun to make a few bucks on side-bets

    Best part will be teaching my 7-yr old sons how to wrench on it and other things...
    motorcycle & hot rod repair are two very important skills.
    Just found an Old Sleeper Car...'72 Plymouth Duster...with a 318.
    What I did with those back in the day was atrocious....
    bored & stroked 360 with Edelbrock dual carb setup gets might fast...
    and one we shoe-horned a 440-Magnum w/ 6-pack carbs into a Feather Duster
    the lightweight aluminium version...it was a 9-second car at the drag track!

    This bike & Duster will be their first repair projects.
    Bike runs great now, but needs a brake job. Good place to start
    Let them watch as I rebuild the caliper & put on new pads, refill everything and Enjoy!
    The car needs a total rebuild...that'll be the long-term project.
    By the time they're ready to drive, it should be ready!!
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    Shrek, My college roommate had one of those and he rode with me on a late fall tour out west. We would switch bikes once and awhile just for giggles. For me it was too small physically but it did have plenty of kick and kept up fine with my 750. It was a delight in the curves but a bit short of legroom on the interstate. Range was not so good so we planned gas stops accordingly. I ran it out of gas once being happy on the throttle but we just siphoned enough out of my Suzuki's 5 gallon tank to make it to town. A very reliable bike which was good for my roommate as he had no mechanical aptitude. Certainly a great around town and daytripper type bike - a long distance tourer it was not.
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