Motorcycles and Deer's Don't Mix!
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Thread: Motorcycles and Deer's Don't Mix!

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    Motorcycles and Deer's Don't Mix!

    Must always be careful around wooded areas!

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    I knew a guy that claimed he hit one on a motorcycle once. Probably a lot more common than people think.
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    Oh yea king, check out you tube.

    There's a state park near where I live, if I come home that way I am always on high alert.
    But out here in the county, they can jump out in front of you in a heartbeat.
    You know if they walk out in front of a car the MC ain't no different.

    Dogs are another ya have to watch out for on the MC.
    Ride safe. Stay Alert.

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    I know of 2 people that died in deer motorcycle accidents. Not much protection from anything when you're riding a scooter.
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    I’ve told this story on these boards somewhere before but, when I was about 15-16 yrs old I had a street and trail bike (Kawaski KZ100). I was tooling around the back roads when, as I approachd a hairpin turn and down shifted, a large doe spooked by the creek just below road level. She jumped and darted across catching me broadside. I went down on top of the bike and the deer cartwheeled/summersaulted right over the top of me, got up and went straight up the embankment as I went straight into it (bike was flat on the ground with me somehow laying flat on top of the bike sliding headlong into the embankment as the doe rolled over me).

    Bike was a little bent up - handle bars 90 deg out of whack, kick starter bent into the frame, mirrors bent, big dent in tank where she hit and knocked the handlebar out of my hands... etc). And all I had was that silly little tool kit they give you that stores under the seat. A lady had come along and offered to help, wanted to help lift my bike and see if it would fit enough into the trunk of her car to drive me home - she was 9 months pregnant and had two very young boys (about 4 and 2) with her. I asked if she would just call my parents when she got home. I made it back to our house just as my mother was coming down the driveway in her car. I asked why she didn’t have the truck if she was coming to get me - she said my Dad told her If I couldn’t fix the bike and get myself home I could walk - what the heck was I doing 10 miles away anyway - Mom figured she waited long enough and was just coming to make sure I was okay. lol

    40 years later, The family still talks about me getting “mugged” by a deer. Ha.
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    My neighbor's brother died that way about ten year's ago.
    He was a really great guy.
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    I guess the passenger that survived without being injured to bad a the appropriate last name of Rockett.
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    Up my way you not only have to watch out for deer but also bears. Every riding season (which is short here) we have probably a dozen or more fatalities from bikes hitting one or the other along with untold injuries to others. I rode for almost 60yr starting with a Cushman Eagle. My wife joined me in 1980. We've put thousands of miles under us in all kinds of weather and never went down. Since lady luck smiled on me/us all those years so we decided to sell the Harley last year.
    But every time we see a Harley or a group of them, we still long for the good old days and the Run To The Sun in Daytona
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    I had a harly, that was one of my fears, hitting a deer. I got rid of it. my friend had one and a 90 year old woman turned in front of him and he hit her broad side. it messed his foot and knee up to where he is on disability. I love ridding but I love living better,,,,,,,,,,
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    I used to live in the country north of Syracuse, and did a lot of riding in Central New York. Absolutely gorgeous riding country (for such an oppressive state), but there were LOTS of deer. Riding at night was treacherous.

    Way back when I lived in my hometown in OK, I casually met a guy through a friend one time, both fellow HD riders. I learned several months later that feller had hit a black cow in the middle of a dark country highway, at night. He never saw it. Didn't kill him, but took him right up to the edge, messed him up pretty bad.
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