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Thread: Any Mossberg 464 / 464 SPX Owners On Here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by northmn View Post
    Only complaints I had was the fact that it was not D&T for a receiver sight and the trigger was a bit unusual.
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    I bought a Mossberg 464 30/30 several years ago. I think it was around $300. I believe it was their deluxe version as it has checkered furniture. If you look thru my posts, you'll see that I'm a big JM Marlin fan and prefer older rifles. Over the years, I've owned several Winchester 94s. Handy rifles, especially to carry in the woods. IMHO, the Mossberg 464 is a good rifle, similar feel to the 94 AE. It has been very accurate and hasn't given me any issues. No jams or FTFs. Quality on this rifle seems really good, fit and finish excellent. Granted, I haven't put a ton of rounds thru it. I bought it mainly to use on days that I didn't want to carry one of my older Marlins in the woods or brush. Do I like it better than one of my JM Marlins, HELL NO! Would I buy it again for the same price, hell yes.
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    Thanks for the feedback folks. Currently I only own lever guns that have a JM stamped on the barrel, but I'm always looking to try something else, at least once.
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    Moved thread to the Mossberg Levers Forum.
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    Well, I have owned one! It was actually a lot of fun to shoot. I didn't shoot it enough to really get it zeroed in, I bought it so my wife and daughter could shoot a lever action...the adjustable stock is what sold it for me! Unfortunately I owned this rifle during the first big Obama rifle ban "scare" and someone offered me a LOT more money than I paid for the rifle!! So....I used the money to buy a Marlin CB! Yes, it was that much!
    It handled well, it's very light weight. the adjustable stock is very nice, it has a lot of rails, but I never attached anything to it. If you are going to by the black rifle version, SPX, you need to make sure that it has the flash suppressor (barrel is threaded) and all the extras if you are buying used, it came with a "thread protector" as well.

    Was trying to figure out what to carry with the rifle at the time! My wife loves her Rhino, so this was probably going to be the combo!
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    Interesting to read up on folks' experience with the Mossberg lever gun. I'm considering a standard, wood stocked 464 for a "Truck Gun" if I don't find a suitable new 336W. Something inexpensive with no collector value to haul around the woods and not worry too much about weather/brush, etc.

    I had a Mossberg/New Haven 679 lever action .30-30 years ago. Wish I still had it. It was a great shooter. Looked a lot like a 336. One kind of "trick" feature was the trigger was attached to the lever, so it would travel with it and there was no chance of your finger getting stabbed on the "upswing".

    Mossberg certainly isn't afraid to try new stuff! The SPX version is a pretty radical lever gun!

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