I've been looking at these presses for a couple years, waiting to see what the general consensus would be and decided to try one for myself.
Heres my review- Price- 207.00 Shipped new. Whats in the box- Single Stage Press, Handle, Primer Catcher, Booklet w/ revised page. Inspection- Upon checking the tightness of the presses bolts/ fasteners I found the die insert to be loose and had to tighten with a 1 1/2" socket. With the exception of the die insert the press seems to be setup correctly from the factory. The finish and machining appear to be of good quality. Setup- Used (2)- 1/2" carriage bolts to fasten to bench, very solid. The handle can be installed for right of left hand use and the knob is threaded. The press sets on top of the bench with only the handle moving below the bench top. I have cabinets above my bench and raising the press to the top, the 16" handle rotated approx 6" past the centerline of the press and 24" total above the bench , bringing the knob close to the cabinet, something I hadn't accounted for. Usage- The press operation is very smooth as expected. I put up 5- .308 rnds. The primer catch cup, tho being small, caught all five spent primers. Neck runout was 0- .001" before sizing and 0- .001" after sizing. It seemed to take a bit longer to establish my shoulder height than with the RockChucker, but once there it remained consistent. There is no priming system for this press. Bullet seating, this is a heavy press, had a decent tho heavy feel and gave me a consistent .0015" runout. Thoughts- The accessibility to the shellholder is a plus for me, nothing is in the way from the loading block to the shellholder. The runout numbers I got today could have been my setup or components, more use with different calibers will tell me more. I use many RCBS products and as always this one did not disappoint.