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    Great idea! I think it not necessary though, to bring someone into your "gun room" to mentor them.
    Example: When I bought my RCBS Master Reloading Kit 20-something years ago, there was no "on-line" for me. I knew a couple guys at work that encouraged me to go for it, and I read the Speer reloading manual, but it left me with a lot of questions and fuzzy info. One of those co-workers loaned me a 2 volume series on reloading that was not only concise, but crystal-clear. My point is, the right guy (with good verbal and communication skills) can mentor anyone, anywhere in the country, from his computer; it's really no different from the newbie reading a book. The author of a book has no 'feedback" or feel about the guy reading the book either; but in communicating directly, you can get some sort of a feel for whether the guy is paying attention or watching flies on the wall. I would consider mentoring someone via PM or email. Just my .02 cents worth.
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    Middle Georgia, would rather travel to you. I'll bring a press, and some other equipment. Just have something to bolt it to.

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    I would be willing to mentor in SW Ohio, or anywhere else online. If you were to assemble a Mentor List, I'd be OK with my MO contact info on it.

    I've been shooting for more than 50 yrs, both rifles and handguns, and reloading for 48 yrs, single stage and progressive presses, but not shot shells. I do a lot of my own trouble shooting and make minor repairs and alterations on my guns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HunterBen View Post
    This is a great idea. I've wanted to get into reloading for quite some time but don't have anyone to teach me how, and the idea of trial/error is a bit intimidating. SEPA for me as a student if the list gets built.
    Reloading is a great deal of trial and error by its very nature. That shouldn't discourage you. The rules for safety are definitely not trial and error. Read some of the reloading manuals as other guys have mentioned and commit the procedural things to memory. It's a lot like learning your scales or chords when you're learning how to play piano or guitar. It seems kind of hum drum, but you will never learn to play Moonlight Sonata or Limelight if you haven 't first practiced your scales/chords. The big difference is that it is a lot easier to learn the basics of reloading than it is to practice your scales or learn your chords.

    The most important thing to remember when you've mastered your basics (and the easiest to forget) is to quit monkeying around with your recipe when you've found the load that works. If you're changing bullets, then that's one thing, and it also sort of depends on what the purpose of a given rifle/load is.

    For example, I've found "the load" for my .308. Unless Hodgdon changes the formulation of Varget, or Hornady stops making 308 brass, or Berger discontinues/changes their 175 VLDH geometry, the recipe for my rifle, which will put 5 bullets in a single, ragged hole at 100 yards, is:
    Berger VLDH 175 gr .308
    Varget 42.5 gr
    Hornady match .308 brass
    CCI primers.
    Avg velocity: 2607 fps

    The only thing that would be "better" than that recipe is a hotter load that could produce the same precision as what I already have. But honestly, going from an average of 2607 fps to 2650 or even 2700 (ain't bloody likely for a 175 gr 308 cartridge), what does it actually get me? Maybe save me 5 or 6 clicks on my scope at 600 yards? From where my scope is zeroed now, I have something like 50 full minutes of up elevation available on my scope, and I only need 38.1 minutes to be able to reach 1000 yards. Going to 2700 fps would save me 3.1 minutes (12 clicks) at 1000 yards. So there is zero reason for me to ever muck around with the recipe I have, which I know works.

    I have a similar recipe for my 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser using ELD-X 143 gr. It'll go under .5 MOA, so that recipe is set in stone. I will play around with Norma Orxy 156 gr until I get a precise load for it, but the recipe for the Hornady bullets is not ever going to change.
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    The best way to mentor is to start with what they need to do to make safe ammunition that goes bang. Save the esoteric stuff like measuring concentricity, weighing cases, etc. till they can do the first part. The hardest things for beginners are the ones requiring judgement e. g. is this particular case reusable. That can only be taught in person.

    In teaching people to reload I get the most resistance to the first and best advice: Buy the Sierra, Hornady, or Speer manual and read the how to section before you buy anything.

    You need to know what & why they want to shoot before you can teach them how to evaluate their loads. If someone wants to reload to make some hunting ammunition for their favorite deer rifle evaluation is straight forward. They need to know if the load they made have sufficient accuracy and terminal performance for their hunting. If they want to go deeper and find the "best" load, then they are going to need something more rigorous than a three-shot group of each sample. It takes time to find out why they are reloading but worthwhile. They may not even know till you explore the reasons with them.

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    This could be the beginning of the end, I am going to call it 300 chiefs, how could that go wrong !!!
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