Not a rant but fitting for here
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    Not a rant but fitting for here

    Why is it I thought of Cerebus/Remington/Marlin first thing 'Cause that's the way it is!! Mr fixit
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    Re: Not a rant but fitting for here

    That about covers it - very sad.
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    Re: Not a rant but fitting for here

    UNFORTUNATELY that is EXACTLY what I think is going on over there! Why would one of the biggest "antis" buy a gun company? Maaaayyybbee, to run it into the ground, and then say " people just aren't buying guns like they used to... sales are down, profits are down, we aren't making any money, sooo, we're closing down and declaring bankruptcy! Oh and yeah... We'll need to write this off on the ole taxes...cuz you know... It IS a loss!" Hold on to your old Marlind boys, cuz if they keep putting out the crap that the've been putting out recently, I don't think they'll be around too much longer! ... Maybe thats the "plan" one of the oldest gun companies in the country and run into the ground by putting out a crappy product that no one wants to buy, blame it on the "gun crowd", then laugh all the way to the bank and write it ALL off!!! A win/win for cerebus! I truly hope I'm wrong, but only time will tell!
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    Re: Not a rant but fitting for here

    Nothing they do, will surprise me.................

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    Re: Not a rant but fitting for here

    Well, not if you believe the NRA.... Which I do...


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    Re: Not a rant but fitting for here

    I work for a company that was owned by Cerberus they did the same thing to us. Our quality went down and then we went bankrupt. They did not understand what it took to run a manufacturing company.

    I understand the cost of operating in Ct is so high no one will expand or retool. The regulations are insurmountable so you move the operations some were else, many times offshore. The states are doing it to them selves.

    The State of Michigan has been doing it to the Auto Industry for years killing the golden goose. We don't move plants to Mexico or Asia because we want to it’s because we don't have any choice if we want to compete.

    The American worker is more productive than any other in the world but the State and Federal regulations are driving manufacturing away.

    If you new what it costs in paperwork alone by a Qualified Environmental Engineer to toss an old flashlight battery well you would move also. That is just for a battery it just gets worse every day.

    A lead acid battery like the one in your car when we get rid of one we need to follow it to the recycling contractor and monitor it being destroyed then get a “Death Certificate” to end our environmental liability. Let me say that again a “Death Certificate” for every battery and keep a record of it for 7 years.

    The older plants are grandfathered in but any new facilities or equipment require the complete plant to be brought up to the new ever-changing regulations. This process helped GM and Chrysler to go broke. (an interesting note many of these requirements are not imposed on non-American companies)

    It would be the same for Marlin.

    Well thank you for letting me rant I feel better now.


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