Some people just can't discern quality...
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Thread: Some people just can't discern quality...

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    Some people just can't discern quality...

    Hopefully this is the right forum for this...

    I'm on several firearms forums and frequently the subject of Remlins comes up. I foolishly purchased one a year or so ago and experienced first hand the shattering screws and fasterners, razor sharp action parts, defects from the factory, and issues with feeding and function.

    And it wasn't just the mechanical issues, it was the finish of the wood and steel that was so disappointing.

    I owned a JM 1894 .357 and I took a bunch of photos of it when I sold it on Gunbroker for $1000 a few years ago. It was very nice with a nice polish and bluing, good grain and checkering with a nice stock finish. Mechanically was perfect.

    Then I bought a Remlin 1894 in .45 Colt and couldn't believe the obvious and startling drop in quality in every area. The receiver machining and polishing was obviously rougher, the checkering was stamped and awful, and the overall feel of the rifle was much rougher and cheaper feeling. It was sad.

    But I keep coming across Remlin threads on gun forums in which there are people who refuse to believe there is any difference between old and new. They argue that the drop in quality is just internet folklore and that a new Remlin is just as good as the old JMs.

    It's simply infuriating.

    I have posted pictures side by side of my JM reciever and my Remlin receiver in which the difference in quality of polish and bluing is absolutely obvious, but these people can't see it.

    I have come to the conclusion that some people simply cannot tell the difference between quality items and inferior items. I don't know if it's a medical condition, or a mental defect, or what is going on, but it is extremely frustrating to engage in debate with such people.

    I have noticed that 100% of these people also drive American vehicles exclusively. That's a clue. I drive a 2005 GMC Yukon because it was the best vehicle at the best mileage and price I could find. I wanted a Toyota Sequoia, but they are 100% more expensive on the used market than the Yukon/Tahoe. Why? Because they are simply higher quality and more reliable. I decided it was worth saving $10k by driving something that is not as nicely finished or as reliable as the more expensive option.

    Remlin supporters will attack the new Winchesters the same way they attack Toyota and Honda vehicles. This is because they are physically/mentally incapable of detecting the differences in fit and finish between products.

    At least that is my theory when it comes to these kind of people.

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    I am glad someone has a brilliance for the obvious.
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    Well I hope you feel better now. I have no idea other than what I have read because I don't own any Marlins that were made by Remington. All of the Marlins I have now or have ever had are pre safety models. I have never found a reason to buy a new one. I am pretty much that way with any guns. I just like the older ones that are in good condition over buying a new one.

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    I have one Remlin but it is a stainless model that I basically rebuilt. No need to buy a new one when you can still find old ones at good prices.
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    LOL, you do like to paint with a wide brush. IOW, only people with a mental defect drive American cars, think Remlin is making quality Marlin rifles; someone once called these mentally deficients, Deplorables. So the reason I drive a Jeep and like my Remlin 1895 is I am a physically/mentally incapable Deplorable. If that true, I guess I am all those things; and proudly so.
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    My Remlin suffered from fit and finish problems. I was disheartened. BUT, it stacks the bullets in teeny tiny clusters. What a dilemma. It shoots as well as a nice, expensive bolt action rifle. So I grit my teeth and rebuilt it front-to-back, back-to-front. You never know, if you get a replacement, it may not shoot as well. I guess it depends on level of commitment and goals.

    For an every day around the fence line carry, I'll take precision over looks. When I go to shoot something, I want the bullet to go exactly to the sights. Here she is after a facelift and tummy tuck.Picture0715170758_1 (1).jpg
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    At least some of us still remember what a REAL Marlin looked like, shot like, and worked like. If younger folks have never seen a REAL Marlin, they can always plead ignorance. That's OK, its their money.

    There are gun dealers that won't handle Remlins. I have noticed that Grice Gun Shop in Clearfield PA doesn't even put Remlins in their quarterly printed catalog. Grice is the largets gun dealer in the state of PA. At least some gun dealers "get it".

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    So let's see if I understand your theory correctly: everyone is stupid except you. There, I think that sums it up nicely.
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    While I only drive American vehicles, I have not purchased a new Remlin. One has nothing to do with the other. As an old friend of mine used to say, "You pays your money and you takes your choice." There are many things I won't buy, and for a for many varied reasons.

    If someone wants to buy a Remlin (or anything else for that matter), who is anyone else to judge? Remlin, GM, Ford, Dodge, can all make decent products. Nissan, Toyota, or any other company can also make junk. That's the nature of manufacturing. Aside from which, many parts that go in to a finished product are manufactured by a 3rd party.

    As an aeronautics engineer I once knew kept reminding us, "Never forget, whatever you buy has been made by the lowest bidder."

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    That lowest bidder kills you on quality!

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