I knew something was amiss after Remington took it over. There were too many problems, poor workmanship, and over all quality issues for there not to be. Honestly it seemed like Remington either didn't have a clue (which I do believe) how to make a lever action, and or just didn't care. Which it seems both are the case. It is so sad to see it come to this and how it got there. My father was always a Marlin fan although he did have a few Winchesters, the vast majority of lever actions were Marlins.
I'm sure many of us on these forums now also know Remington is closing the Ilion Plant and moving operations Alabama. They are claiming it has to do with NY and how they are "treated". Seems to me what goes around comes around. I hate seeing this as I fear it could end the Marlin line all together. I hope now. Honestly I'd like to see them come around and start to produce a quality product much like it was back in the day before they destroyed the Marlin name.