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Thread: Book and Movie Review

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    Book and Movie Review

    Members this forum since I created it has not taken off as I'd hoped it would.

    Just this evening I recommended a Movie my wife and I had just watched. That being Heaven Is For Real.

    With that in mind I am going to change the title of the forum to Book and Movie review for all to recommend both.

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    Book -
    Just finished reading FlyBoys by James Bradley, Little, Brown and Co. Boston. 2003.

    Bought it in a garage sale, likely for a dollar and in hard back which I prefer.
    The book centers on ChiChi Jima, an island between Iwo Jima and the mainland of Japan and the lives of several American airmen who flew combat missions there in WWII. The islands human occupation and geography become a part of the story. A small portion of the war between the United States and our allies versus the Japanese distilled and considered through this island and the men who lived and died there. It also follows those who were able to go on with their lives. Describes how our aircraft got there and why. It is a lens on the Pacific war, not simple but human. Follows a few FlyBoys whose bravery was crucial to winning the war against Japan, the lives they lived and sometimes lost.

    Tough read at times as the graphic aspects of war are not ignored. Includes a very thoughtful description and interview with GHW Bush who was shot down, survived and was rescued by a US submarine while on a mission to bomb this island. This one will be with me a long time. Glad I read it.
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    Just finished the book "Day of Wrath" by William Forshsten, the same author who wrote the excellent "One Second After".

    A very chilling and entirely plausible fiction book about sleeper terrorist cells executing coordinated attacks on small town schools and later on the interstate highways to goad our government into declaring martial law.
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