1893 ejector ?
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Thread: 1893 ejector ?

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    1893 ejector ?

    When I got my 38-55 I tore it all down only to find the spring on the ejector was snaped off! I ordered a new one from weisners and I installed it today. I just got dies and loaded up two dummy rounds. I loaded them in the mag tube and levered the action. The first round went in the chamber, but when I tried to eject it it did not throw it out. I tried bending the spring a bit and after a few tries with no success I decided to put the old broken one back in. Well i'll be a sob you know it worked slick as butter! Threw them dummies across the room!

    Here's a pic of the new and old.

    Now I know the new doesn't look exactly like the old and I know Weisners claims some fitting may be required, but this is still a mystery to me. I think the round part on the end may be too thick. I will have to do some experimenting.

    Well after reading the horror stories on line about how hard it is to load the 38-55 here's my first two rounds! What's the big deal? I guess the MO members I have been conversing with set me on the right path! A big thanks to Wind and Shenandoah!

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    Re: 1893 ejector ?

    Auh..the famous broken ejector spring on 93's.Happens to most of em.
    Look at the angle of the tip of both ejectors.I think the new part is a little thick at the point and not allowing the notch to contact the rim of the cartridge.I would file down the area just ahead of the notch and make it a bit more pointed.
    I have also purchased new ejector springs for modern 1894's and put them into the old ejector.They are crimped in.
    Your ammo looks great.Its the 38-40 and 44-40 you have to take it easy with.
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    Re: 1893 ejector ?

    I'm currently trying to sort out some ejector issues on a few of my rifles. Namely....they aren't there. So I need to get some.

    1894 32-20
    1897 22rf
    1892 32rf

    A friend in the US is getting some from Wisners, but apparently they are on summer vacation or something. I need a few other parts, and man do those suckers add up quick. I told me friend not to laugh at me when 4-5 little spring pieces turn up worth over $100. Ouch!

    But hope to have some fun with these rifles when they have got the parts to make them go.

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    Marlin 1892 32 Colt
    Marlin 1894 32-20 project
    Marlin 1894 32-20 button mag
    Marlin 1893 38-55 in route
    Marlin 39a 1979
    Marlin 336 30-30

    Ooo...they do breed, don't they!

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    Re: 1893 ejector ?

    Most of the time all you need to do is polish the area ahead of the bump on the ejector. If theres machining marks the rim will stick, once polished the bump starts the case canting & the polished ejector flings it out.

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