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At what time in your life do you begin passing your collection on to your children? Do you give them what you think they would want? Do you consult with them about what they like? I would rather start giving them guns while I’m around than have my wife just open the safe and say take what you want. I have a son and a daughter (whose husband is my hunting buddy) as my heirs. I believe both would be grateful for whatever they got. My son loves lever action rifles and the son-in-law is more into ARs and bolt guns (although he hunts deer with a JM 30-30 I gave him. Think he feels obligated because I always tell him it’s perfect for where we hunt.) Right now I think I’ll put a tag on each gun with the name of who I want to have it. I’ll begin handing them out as the spirit hits me. Any thoughts you guys would like to share would be appreciated.
I am starting to sell my guns off.... I will just leave money instead. They can buy what they want. I have non shooting girls not boys though.