Sometimes, again.
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Thread: Sometimes, again.

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    Sometimes, again.

    After looking at some of the other posts in the Collectors section of Marlin, I decided to share another story about how sometimes even a blind squirrel finds the acorn. I recently did a collection appraisal for a small dealer here in Denver at his store. It was a collection that he had an opportunity to buy and he wanted an outside opinion of what it was worth. Small collection, about 15 guns, mostly newish guns. Didn't take long to do.
    But as I was looking at his inventory, I literally almost stumbled on this strange looking lever action. It was standing in the corner, all by itself and looking really lonely.
    I knew it was a Marlin since I could see the bullseye in the stock. I picked it up and it immediately brought back some fond memories. I knew what it was as soon as I picked it up. A Model 56 Levermatic. Back when dirt and I were both young, I was a State Game Protector and one of my jobs was to certify road killed deer so the owner of the vehicle could possess the deer meat. Many times the deer was still alive and suffering when I arrived on the scene and although I had my service pistol I wanted something a little quieter and with a little more range as sometimes the deer were somewhat mobile even on 3 legs. So I visited my local little gun shop in the town I lived in at the time and he had a Marlin Levermatic. It was actually, the Model 57 which was the tube fed version but it worked fine. Hard to get used to that short stroke and worked quickly, it was just about as fast as a semi automatic. Used the gun for the years I worked for the state and when I left state service, the gun came with me, since it was mine. Over the years, that nice old Levermatic got sold or traded or something. Anyway, found another one, but this one is a 56. A bit more expensive than the 57 was but it was in a little nicer shape and about 40 years later. First year production, no serial number and steel receiver.
    The shop owner and I dickered a bit and I got the rifle.
    He had no suitable scopes and this rifle deserves a scope. So I ran around to a couple local stores and found one that had literally boxes and boxes of rimfire 3/4" scopes. Weaver and Bushnell mostly, some Nipponese, the old straight tube style. But there in that pile of scopes was a wonderful 3/4" tube rimfire Redfield 4x scope, made right here in Denver by gosh Colorado. For way more than I wanted to spend. I looked. I drooled. But just couldn't justify the money for the Redfield. So I bought a really nice straight tube Weaver 6x. Paid for it. Looked at the Redfield again. The store owner kindly took the Weaver in trade for the Redfield. I paid the difference. Found an original Marlin 56 scope mount on the bay of E. Mounted the scope mount and scope. Took it to the range. I wish I shot as well as this rifle does. Real tack driver.
    So, sometimes, again, actually happens.
    I won't talk about the Model 62 I had in .30 Carbine a few years later.
    Or the Marauder.
    Shoulda kept that those.

    Oh, one more thing. I am looking for the proper front sight hood for this rifle. I believe that the proper hood would be the straight round
    hood and not the wide open top hood of the more modern Marlins. This rifle was made in 1955 after the few serialized guns but before
    the change to the alloy receiver. So if anyone has the proper hood available, I would love to hear about it.

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    Boy does that bring back memories. My first .22 wmr was a 57 short stroker. It was my first, and nearly 50 years later, one of the best magnums I've owned or used. Would shoot MOA to 150 yards with WW 40 gr. JHP's, Remington's shot nearly as good, and it was a bunny buster supreme with the Remington .22 Special 45 gr. Had a Marlin 4X .22 scope on it too. Wish I still had it.
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    Yep, the 57M. Interesting how Marlin brought out the Model 57 tube fed .22LR and then the tube fed Model 57M. It required less engineering to magnumize the tube fed 57 than it
    would have to turn the 56 into a magnum. Funny in all of my years of gun dealing and stuff, I have yet to have anybody badmouth the Levermatics of any kind. Must have been pretty good guns.

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    I picked up a M57 tube feed a few years ago. Had forgotten all about them 'till I saw it in the rack. It's like a lever action M60, but came out before the semi auto!! I put on a dove tail mount peep, and it shoots like a typical Marlin, lights out!!
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